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The Cross-Cultural Rhetoric Project began as a research project supported by the Wallenberg Global Learning Network (WGLN).

In our research years (2005-2008), WGLN funding enabled us to learn new technologies and develop a protocol for how students can learn to communicate with intercultural audiences in rhetorically effective ways.  We also developed a series of best practices for writing and speaking through digital media –such as by video conference or in blog posts – and we discovered which classroom activities work best for promoting deep learning across cultural, technological, and institutional differences. 

Today, the CCR offers new partners the benefit of this knowledge and seeks to connect students across the world in teams. This method fosters efficient learning of core writing, communication, and rhetoric skills, such as attention to the rhetorical concepts of audience, context, medium, message, and argument as well as concrete strategies for writing, speaking, active listening, peer review response, and collaboration across a range of cultural and university settings.

At its heart, CCR believes that we need to connect students in our classes to real audiences – have them present their research, receive feedback on their writing and speeches, and learn about others through real-time video conferences and blogging.

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