Are there alternatives to Cardinal Care health insurance?

Disclaimer: information here are the collaborative effort of the Stanford Canadian community and do not represent any official sources. Your own due diligence is required.

- Vaden Health Center provides basic medical services to all registered Stanford students regardless of health insurance.

Cardinal Care
- Cardinal Care provides excellent coverage and services at Stanford Medical Center (i.e., at Stanford Hospital for specialists or emergencies).
- Some departments cover half the cost of Cardinal Care (with an RA or TAship). Stanford Graduate Fellowship recipients also pay only half of the cost for Cardinal Care.

Other Insurance Options
- There are many good travel insurances from Canada that provide coverage for emergencies. One option is the Student Medical Insurance from Travel Underwriters. As of Jan 2009, the cost is $1.5/day for emergency coverage of up to a few million dollars. Talk to an insurance broker in Canada for more details.
- Major trade-offs include more paperwork (if you have to file a claim), much lower maximum coverage, deductibles, and other fees/payments.
- Similarly, there are health plans geared towards international students who primarily need coverage for emergencies, but intend to return to their home country if they need long-term medical treatment, e.g.

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