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About Us

Stanford Chinese Dance (SCD) provides Stanford students with the opportunity to experience Chinese dance and culture. We perform a variety of classical and contemporary Chinese dances from the Han ethnic majority and from the minority groups in China. Dances previously performed include sleeve, ribbon, handkerchief, Dai, and Xinjiang Dances. Through our performances, we hope to encourage artistic expression and cultural understanding.

Our History

Stanford Chinese Dance was founded in 2006 by three Stanford undergraduate students and Chinese dance enthusiasts – Kerry Lee '07, Cheri Li '08, and Yung-Yee Chen '08 – who sought an outlet on campus to learn and perform the art of Chinese dance. Kerry, who had been performing solo Chinese dances on campus prior to the founding of SCD, served as the group's first artistic director and instructor. In 2007 SCD invited acclaimed Chinese dance instructor Hai Yan Jackson from Sichuan, China to take the group to the next level, and she has been with us ever since.

Our Guest Instructor

Hai Yan Jackson attended the Sichuan Dance Academy from 1971 to 1976, studying ballet and classical Chinese dance. Afterwards, she worked at the Sichuan Opera and Dance Company as a dancer, instructor and choreographer. In addition to being our guest instructor, she also teaches at the Alonzo King LINES Dance Center, Sunset Movement Arts, and the Chinese Folk Dance Association in San Francisco and is the Artistic Director of Hai Yan Jackson Chinese Dance Company.