About Cultural Heritage Resource

Established in 2008, the Cultural Heritage Resource (CHR) comprises a comprehensive source of reliable information about the conflicting claims that are made on the world’s cultural heritage. It covers such issues as the trade, collection and repatriation of cultural objects, the political appropriation or destruction of cultural heritage, and the threats posed to cultural heritage by urban and rural development projects. The CHR is intended to improve public understanding of these and related issues and in so doing promote the formulation of more effective policy responses. The CHR comprises four inter-linked sections: Chronicle, Reference, Research, and Documentation.

  • Chronicle offers a two-monthly retrospective synthesis of cultural heritage-related news stories that have appeared in the world’s media.
  • Reference provides information that adds cultural, historical and legal contexts to news reported in the Chronicle.
  • Research presents the results of relevant academic research, including CHR initiated and supported projects and syntheses of other research published in the academic literature.
  • Documentation archives downloadable academic papers, legal documents, press releases and other relevant material.