Prof. Steven Chu

Professor of Physics and Molecular & Cellular Physiology

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Maxim Prigozhin


Max did his Ph.D. with Prof. Martin Gruebele at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign studying protein folding using laser spectroscopy and supercomputer simulations. In the Chu group, Max is developing novel nanoscale optical and cathodoluminescence electron microscopy methods for applications in cellular imaging with molecular specificity. Max is also studying GPCR signaling in collaboration with the group of Prof. Brian Kobilka.

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Yan-Kai Tzeng

I earned my Ph. D degree from the Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences (IAMS), Academia Sinica, Taiwan. Currently, I am working on the creation of optical defect-centers in diamond materials, new interface materials for Li-S battery, and electrocatalyst of CO2 reduction.

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Sam Peng

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Yunxiang Zhang

As Yogi Berra once said, you can observe a lot by watching. My scientific journey started by watching astronomical objects like our Sun as every star gazing kid did. Later it was Steve who introduced me into the world of watching teeny tiny biomolecules that are important for life. As of today, my research goal is still centered around watching single nanoscopic to microscopic objects such as single molecules, single organelles or single cells and try to understand their behaviors and functions in living organisms.

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Sijie Wei

Sijie received her Ph.D. in Chemistry from Penn State University in 2015. She is currently working on the structural dynamics of G-proteins coupled receptor with photon stamped single molecule FRET.

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Yilei Li

Yilei did his PhD in Prof. Tony Heinz's group on optical spectroscopy of atomically thin layers. He is currently exploring new techniques for improving and extending the capabilities of deep-tissue acoustic imaging.

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Qian Liu

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Edward Marti



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Yonatan Winetraub

with Prof. Adam de la Zerda

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Rabindra Shivnaraine

with Prof. Brian Kabilka

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Xianchuang Zheng

with Prof. Jianghong Rao

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Yayuan Liu

with Prof. Yi Cui

Research Assisstant

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Noah Toyonaga


Peter Maurer

Assistant Professor at University of Chicago

Nian Liu

Assistant Professor at Georgia Inistitue of Technology

Guosheng Song

Professor at Hunan University

Chong Liu

Assistant Professor at University of Chicago

Andrew Norton

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