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Stochastic Modeling of Secondary Breakup

A stochastic subgrid model for LES of atomizing spray is developed. The model is based on Kolmogorov’s concept of viewing solid particle-breakup as a discrete random process. Atomization of liquid blobs at high relative liquid-to-gas velocity is considered in the framework of uncorrelated breakup events, independent of the initial droplet size. Kolmogorov’s discrete model is rewritten in the form a Fokker- Planck equation for the pdf of droplet radii.


Apte, S.V., Gorokhovski, M., & Moin, P., “LES of atomizing spray with stochastic modeling of secondary breakup," International Journal of Multiphase Flow, Vol. 29, pp. 1503-1522, 2003.

Apte, S.V., Helenbrook, B., & Moin, P., “Modeling the effects of droplet deformation and breakup,” ILASS Americas 16th Annual Conference on Liquid Atomizaiton and Spray Systems, Monterey, CA, 2003.

Apte, S.V., Mahesh, K., and Moin, P., “Large-eddy simulation of atomizing spray with stochastic breakup modeling,” ASME’s IGTF Turbo Expo, Atlanta, 2003.

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