Announcing Just Health

The Center of Excellence in Diversity in Medical Education (COEDME) is pleased to  launch JUST Health – a crowd-sourced web publication designed to spotlight thought, research, challenges, and inroads in health disparities, health inequity, and social justice in medicine, health and wellness.

Health activists representing their communities, educational campuses, and healthcare organizations are invited to submit pieces featuring policies, interventions, issues, and initiatives that affect health justice.

  • Submissions may include:
    Original Research
    Literature Reviews
    Case studies/analyses
    Policy Briefs
    Opinion, perspective, or commentary pieces
    Special content

Submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis.
Click here to submit an item for review.

Original Research is an article that addresses a research question, and the scientific method is used to answer the research question. The original research piece may include Hypothesis, Methods, Results, and Conclusion subsections. Original research requires permission from a principal investigator or other person with approval authority for you to submit the research. 

Literature Review is a piece in which the author has amassed different published articles to create an overarching analysis of a particular topic. The Literature Review will use prior published articles to explain a topic’s past, current, and future understanding.

Case studies/analyses is a piece where the author has researched an experience and can provide detailed accounts of the experience. For example, a case study involving racial health disparities in hepatitis B infections rates among Asian communities will likely include firsthand accounts and interview conversations from patients with hepatitis B.

Policy Briefs are presentations of recommendations to an intended audience. These issue papers are designed to provide policy advice to an array of audiences. For guidance in crafting a policy brief, click here.

Opinion pieces are short articles focusing on the author’s opinion of a topic, concept, or even a research study presentated as constructive criticism. They are founded in some evidence the author presents to support the opinion. For guidance in authoring an opinion piece, click here.

Commentary pieces are brief articles that analyze and describe a content area, whether through novel research, text, or or other topics. Click here for guidance in authoring a commentary.

Perspective pieces provide an author’s personal opinion of a topic, often characterized as a short essay. For guidance authoring editorials, focus, perspective and commentary articles, click here.

Special content can include, but is not limited to, artwork, graphic design, poems, literary pieces, short stories, video clips, audio pieces, and many more.