JUST Health Staff

Meet the Team

Derek Chen, Co-editor in Chief
Derek Chen is a Life Science Research Professional in the Genetics Department at Stanford University. His interest in health disparities stems from his learning as an undergraduate, and this inspired him to teach a class on the topic at Stanford Splash. As a member of the Leadership Education for Aspiring Physicians (LEAP) ‘19-20 cohort, he led a hepatitis B educational program aimed to address hepatitis B disparities within the Asian & Asian Pacific Islander population. As one’s education relates to health, he’s also passionate about closing the STEAM representation gap in higher education. To this end, Derek served as an AmeriCorps from ‘18-19 in Seattle, Washington, where he designed science curricula and taught youth from underrepresented, low-income, immigrant, or refugee backgrounds. Derek hopes JUST Health can serve as a platform to elevate individuals who are working towards dispelling health disparities, highlight their perspectives, and amplify their voices.

Makaelah Murray, Co-editor in Chief
Makaelah Murray is a pre-medical student athlete at Howard University majoring in Biology, minoring in Chemistry
. She aspires to become an orthopedic surgeon because of the multiple surgeries she has endured as a result of participating in competitive soccer. She aims to increase diversity in medicine and other powerful disciplines in life by amplifying her outreach to disadvantaged populations as a practicing physician. She has already started this journey of outreach and youth empowerment as an alumni of the Stanford LEAP program where she held an empowerment conference for minority student-athletes in San Joaquin County. In addition, she has experienced first hand the injustice present in health internationally after participating in a medical mission trip to Costa Rica. Therefore, she believes amplification and conversations involving disadvantaged populations who are most likely to experience adverse health outcomes are necessary, which is why she has decided to assist in the JustHealth publication.  

Marcella Anthony, MPA, Staff Editor
Marcella is the Assistant Director of Outreach Recruitment and Engagement in the Stanford Center of Excellence in Diversity in Medical Education and the Program Director for the Leadership Education for Aspiring Physicians (LEAP) Program. For more than ten years, she has creatively applied her background as a student development officer to premedical  student development through programs, events, and activities that promote educational access, pre-health training and education, and opportunities for Northern California college students considering careers as physicians. Her work focuses on student empowerment and the ability to enact change as pre-professionals. Marcella is committed to making all college students good societal citizens who will advocate for individuals and populations from socially, economically, and educationally vulnerable communities in the Northern California region and beyond.

Muhammad Khan, Social Media
Muhammad is a pre-medical student researcher at San Jose State University majoring in Physiology. Currently, he is studying the mechanisms of protease function in Aedes Aegypti, a mosquito known for spreading yellow fever, chikungunya, and Zika. As a Leadership Education for Aspiring Physician (LEAP) participant, Muhammad created a website to help people in the community navigate the various food organizations available in the Bay Area. He is also passionate about teaching and will be working with the Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley to educate patients on diabetes. With JUSTHealth, Muhammad is looking to amplify the voices of individuals and highlight health disparities that millions face. He hopes that contributing to this journal will allow him to be a better community member, a better student, and ultimately, a physician who addresses health issues both in the examination room and community.

Anuoluwapo Adepegba, Graphic Designer
Anuoluwapo Adepegba is a current pre-medical student at Howard University majoring in Biology and Psychology, and minoring in Chemistry. Her passions for mental health and children has led her to seek a career in Child Psychiatry. Anuoluwapo seeks out roles that allow her to follow her passions. As a mentor in the M.Y.T.H. program at her university, she fosters a safe space for school-age children to grow academically, socially, and emotionally. Her position as an executive board member of Healing Bison enables her to prompt discussions about mental health and advocate for the importance of therapy among the student body. In the future, Anuoluwapo aspires to establish mental health clinics in underrepresented communities across the United States and abroad. As someone who has experienced the effects of health disparities, she wants to transform the healthcare system by providing equal access to resources and facilitating holistic wellness. “Mental health is as important as physical health” is the mantra she will teach people to live by. Through JUSTHealth, Anuoluwapo hopes to provide visual representations of healthcare topics, offer a different form of viewing these issues, and create an emotional response within the audience, inspiring them to take action.

Melodyanne Cheng, Editor Emeritus
Melodyanne is a UCLA medical student who was an undergraduate and  Master’s student in the Department of Comparative Medicine at Stanford School of Medicine. Her passions in neuroscience, health equity, & community health drew her towards understanding human health from both a sociocultural perspective and a biological one. As an undergraduate at Stanford, she explored how health experiences are influenced by issues of race and ethnicity, with a focus on inequitable health access in primarily low income, under-resourced communities. Currently, she is working on addressing health disparities in the patient communities served by Ravenswood Family Health Clinic in East Palo Alto through community-based research. Through JUST Health, she hopes to open up the academic public health forum to emphasize the important work that all health activists, and not just students, are contributing towards eliminating the health disparities in their communities.