Call for Submissions – Spring Edition

Accepting Submissions
Call for Submissions

The April edition of JUSTHealth will highlight COVID: A Year in Review. Preference will be given to themes or topics that highlight but are not limited to:

  • mental health during the COVID pandemic
  • how COVID has affected different patient demographics disproportionately
  • vaccine hesitancy
  • vaccine research & scientists
  • public health management

Interested authors are permitted to submit non-COVID related media as well! Please don’t hesitate to submit your piece!

Explore the website to learn about submission guidelines and making your voice heard through various forms of media.  Click here to submit your work. Submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis.

The submission deadline for the spring edition is March 14, 2021.

Please review the formatting and submission guidelines for authors before submitting your stories, artwork, projects, opinions and research related to health justice, advocacy, and activist work.

JUSTHealth is a community-sourced web publication hosted by the Stanford Medicine Office of Diversity in Medical Education in partnership with members of the community, dedicated to elevating community voices around health justice, equity, activism, and advocacy. This publication is designed to spotlight thought, research, challenges, and inroads in health disparities, health inequity, and social justice in medicine, health and wellness.

JUSTHealth supports the collaborative work of Medicine, Public Health, Community-based Participatory Research, Community, and Patient voices to provide a holistic view and assessment of the successes and barriers that impact health and health outcomes.  It is an active effort toward eradicating health inequity and eliminating health disparities.

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