NATURALLY DANGEROUS: Surprising Facts About Food, Health, and the Environment.

By James P. Collman, Professor of Chemistry, Stanford University






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Overture: Is Anything Safe?

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Limit Your Cell Phone Use 4/11/03

Limit Your Cell Phone Use 4/11/03

On page 5 in Naturally Dangerous the possibility that cellular phones might cause brain tumors is dismissed for lack of evidence. New evidence suggests caution. Radiation from cell phones has recently been shown to harm the brains of adolescent rats. After 2 hours exposure to GSM phones (those which operate under an international frequency standard), some of the rat’s brain cells were found to be dead or dying! The power levels that were employed were in the range normally used in GSM phones. A plausible explanation is that cell-phone radiation causes the protective blood-brain barrier to leak. These results may not apply to actual cell-phone use, but such effects could accumulate for people continuously talking on their cell phones. These studies also raise a concern over the modern, wireless office, where people are being exposed to constant bombardment with similar microwave radiation. (Science News, February 22, 2003, page 115)