Stanford Cooking Society

StanCooks seeks to provide an open and warm space for the epicures and gourmands of the Stanford community through cooking classes, movie screenings, guest speakers and chefs, discussion, and of course eating!

Month: April 2015

Treatin’ ProFros to Crème Brûlée


Wow! The year has flew by. We can’t believe it’s Admit Weekend!

StanCooks is doing our part to entice ProFros into becoming FoShoFros with the help of fancy French desserts. You’re welcome, President Hennessy!

Creme brulee’s are so simple! The creme is made of heavy cream, sugar, eggs, and a bit of vanilla or other flavouring, and baked in a water bath. Then some sugar is sprinkled on top and torched into a delicious crisp caramel top.

Fresh Cooking w/ Chef David Bordow



We worked with chef David Bordow of Chez Panisse to organize this workshop focused on cooking with wholesome, fresh, and local ingredients.

After scouring the local Farmer’s Market all morning, we brought back bundles of fragrant greens and ripe fruits in order to make our very own homemade pasta and salad. Chef Bordow walked us through each step of the process, from dicing the asparagus to rolling the dough!

After a long week, it’s nice to unwind with some truly good food. Thanks again chef Bordow!

Valentine’s Day Workshop 2015


Ahhh, it’s February and love is in the air. Wait… no, I think that’s just the smell of eggplant burning on the stove!  :P

No worries, we still made a fantastic, easy-to-make, and most importantly, romantic three course meal of crostini, baked salmon, and chocolate cake!

Finals Week Boba!


Boy, fall quarter was a doozy! But not to worry! The Stancooks provided a brief, late night reprieve from the studying and stress with some free, DIY boba! Students lined up at Arrillaga Dining and mixed up their own milk teas and toppings.

Bread Making Workshop (Nov 2014)

Wow. Who knew bread making could be so intense and artistic! These are definitely some of the most creative loafs that we’ve seen in a while.

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