Columbae is one of the two vegetarian co-ops that runs by consensus. We are a large community of residents and EAs that come together through good food and tie-dye. Our official theme is social change through non-violent action and we explore this theme through environmental consciousness, guest lectures, and library streaking. The house is a very tight knit community because we live in cozy rooms that switch every quarter and bond over cleaning toilets and doing dishes. Some favorite jobs including baking fresh bread and harvesting the juicy tomatoes from our garden. Yummy smells of freshly baked goods waft through the house and lure you to the kitchen at any hour of the day where you can always enjoy a cup of tea with friends.

Columbae on the Campus Map:

Every house does preassignment a little differently, so keep reading. In order to be eligible for preassignment and so that you can get a sense of our house culture, we require that you do these three steps (in any order you please)

1. Come eat a meal at the house! Dinner is served at 6pm Sunday - Thursday. Don't be shy, come on over! This is a great chance to meet current residents, try our tasty vegetarian food and complete item 2 :

2. Take a tour of the house. Grab a current resident or staff member and ask them to show you around. During the preassignment 'season' it is likely that residents will be pretty eager and used to giving tours to prospective residents

3. Do a house job! Our house runs through the work of residents completing "jobs" of some kind in the house. Click HERE to see available jobs that you can sign up for to complete your preassignment process. Jobs take about 1 - 2 hours and can sometimes be messy.


When you come to the house, you will find a paper sign up sheet by the front door. Fill out your name and as you complete the three steps, you MUST have a current resident or staff member sign and date that item. Don't be shy, we are pretty friendly around here, so we hope you reach out to residents and feel comfortable asking them about Cbae and to sign off your item.

You must complete the above three COLUMBAE-SPECIFIC ITEMS by Thursday, April 24 And you MUST apply through the ResEd system HERE by Sunday, April 13, 2014, 11:59 PM (click the Preassignment link)

Some general reminders and rules about preassignment :
  • Per university policy, you can only preassign to ONE house each year. Preassignment is BINDING. If you are selected, you are required to live in Cbae (lucky you!) In the chance that you do not get a preassignment spot, you will be notified well in advance of The Draw in order to go through a normal draw process.
  • If you do not get a spot in Columbae through preassignment you are certainly encouraged to try to draw into the house
  • We expect to have more interest in preassignment spots than spots available! Interested candidates who have completed our required 3 steps will be entered into a lottery for our preassignment spots
  • Tiers : your "tier" will only be taken if you end up being selected for Cbae preassignment. If you are selected and still have tiers 1,2 and 3 : your tier 2 will be taken. If you are selected and have tiers 1 and 3, your tier 1 will be taken. If you have only tier 3, tier 3 will be taken.
Questions? Contact Indigo Johnson at And if you're abroad - don't worry, you can still preassign!