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The Proceedings of the Texas Linguistics Society IX Conference

The Morphosyntax of Underrepresented Languages
Department of Linguistics, University of Texas at Austin

Editors: Frederick Hoyt, Nikki Seifert, Alexandra Teodorescu and Jessica White
Series Editor:  Stephen Wechsler

©2007, CSLI Publications
ISSN 1936-4105

Editors' Note

The Texas Linguistics Society hosts an annual conference at the University of Texas Linguistics Department in Austin, Texas.  Each conference focuses on a specific topic of interest selected from the core linguistics areas of syntax, semantics, phonology, or phonetics.  The Ninth TLS meeting, held in Fall 2005, focused on the Morphosyntax of Underrepresented Languages.  This proceedings volume marks the start of on-line publication of TLS proceedings through CSLI Publications.  Past proceedings are available through the University of Texas Linguistics Department.

The table of contents provides for downloading of all papers that were submitted for publication.  The whole proceedings can be downloaded as a single book from here.  The full program, including papers not submitted for publication, can be found on the conference website

Maintained by Stephen Wechsler

Updated: May 2007
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