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Japanese/Korean Linguistics, Vol. 7

Noriko Akatsuka, Hajime Hoji, Shoichi Iwasaki, Sung-Ock Sohn, and Susan Strauss

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Asymmetry in the Interpretation of -(n)un in Korean
    Chung-hye Han
  • Ventriloquism in Text and Talk: Functions of Self- and Other-Quotation in Japanese
    Senko K. Maynard

Part I. Conversation

  • Turn Taking in Japanese Conversation: Grammar, Intonation and Pragmatics
    Hiroko Furo
  • So? (On Japanese Connectives sorede, dakara, and ja)
    Mutsuko Endo Hudson
  • Co-Construction in Japanese Revisited: We Do “Finish Each Other's Sentences”
    Makoto Hayashi and Junko Mori
  • It Takes Two to Dance: The Interactional Determinants of NP Intonation Units with a Marked Rising Intonation (hangimonkei) in Japanese Conversation
    Tsuyoshi Ono, Eri Yoshida, and Mieko Banno
  • Hai and Ee: An Interactional Analysis
    Naomi Hanaoka McGloin
  • Some Uses and Meanings of Utterance - Initial iya in Japanese Discourse
    Scott Saft

Part II. Language and Culture

  • The Use and Non-Use of Honorifics in Sales Talk in Kyoto and Osaka: Are They Rude or Friendly?
    Shigeko Okamoto
  • What the Language in Television Commercials Reveals about Cultural Preferences: A Glimpse into Japanese, American, and Korean Advertising Strategies
    Susan Strauss and Yong-Yae Park
  • Color Naming and Color Categorization in Korean
    Rodney E. Tyson

Part III. Historical Linguistics

  • Kakari Particles and the Merger of the Predicative and Attributive Forms in the Japanese Verbal System
    Peter Hendriks
  • The Correspondence between the Form and Meaning of Predicative Grammatical Categories in Classical Japanese
    Katsunobu Izutsu

Part IV. Semantics and Pragmatics

  • An Analysis of Japanese Ne: In Terms of the Theory of Territory of Information
    Akio Kamio
  • The Complementizer Toyuu in Japanese
    Yoshiko Matsumoto
  • Where the Progressive and the Resultative Meet: A Typology of Imperfective Morphology in Japanese, Korean, Chinese and English
    Yasuhiro Shirai
  • Pronoun Drop and Perspective in Japanese
    Satoshi Uehara

Part V. Syntax and Semantics

  • WH-Scope Identification via Quasi-Binding
    Daeho Chung
  • Attachment Ambiguity in Head Final Languages
    Yuki Hirose and Soon Ae Chun
  • Thetic Markers and Japanese/Korean Perception Verb Complements
    Hisako Ikawa
  • Syntactic Reflexes of Tripartite Structures of Generic Sentences
    Youngchul Jun
  • Resultatives: English vs. Korean
    Soowon Kim and Joan Maling
  • Branchingness and Phrasing in Japanese
    Kiyomi Kusumoto
  • Is There a Genuine Himself Type Local Anaphor in Korean and Japanese?
    Gunsoo Lee
  • On the Null Beneficiary in Benefactive Constructions in Japanese
    Nanako Machida
  • The Japanese Dummy Verbs and the Organization of Grammar
    Keiko Miyagawa
  • Morphosyntactic Realization of Aspectual Structure
    William McClure
  • Predicate Cleft Constructions in Japanese and Korean: The Role of Dummy Verbs in TP/VP-Preposing
    Kunio Nishiyama and Eun Cho
  • Raising Assymetry and Improper Movement
    Hiromu Sakai
  • Optimality and Economy of Expression in Japanese and Korean
    Peter Sells
  • The Laziest Pronouns
    Satoshi Tomioka
  • A Note on Scope Dependencies in Japanese Multiple Wh-questions
    Shin Watanabe
  • Semantics and Pragmatics of Contrastive Topic in Korean and English
    Hae-Kyung Wee

Part VI. Phonetics and Phonology

  • Voicedness Alternations in the Tohoku Dialect of Japanese
    Sachiko Ohno
  • On the Irregular Behavior of h in Korean
    Sechang Lee
  • Correspondence in Korean Hypocoristic Truncation
    Seung-Hoon Shin
  • Noun Faithfulness: Evidence from Accent in Japanese Dialects
    Jennifer L. Smith
  • Focus Realization in Japanese English and Korean English Intonation
    Motoko Ueyama and Sun-Ah Jun

Part VII. Demonstrative Workshop

  • Formal Dependency, Organization of Grammar, and Japanese Demonstratives
    Hajime Hoji


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