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Japanese/Korean Linguistics, Vol. 22

Mikio Giriko, Naonori Nagaya, Akiko Takemura, and Timothy Vance

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements

Part I Phonology

  • The Adaptation of Contemporary Japanese Loanwords into Korean
    Chiyuki Ito and Michael Kenstowicz
  • The Phonology of Emphatic Morphology in Japanese Mimetics
    Kazutaka Kurisu
  • Rendaku Lovers, Rendaku Haters, and the Logistic Curve
    Mark Irwin

Part II Psycholinguistics

  • A Judgement Study on Aspectual Diagnostics in Japanese
    Kentaro Nakatani and Natsuno Aoki
  • Inferring Verb Meanings from Syntactic Frames by Japanese 2-Year-Old Children: An Experimental Approach Using an IPL Paradigm with a Dialogue Phase
    Tessei Kobayashi and Takaaki Suzuki
  • The Tensed-S Condition (TSC) and the Determination of the Binding Domain of Anaphors in Korean
    Ji-Hye Kim and James H. Yoon
  • An Experimental Investigation of Online and Offline Binding Properties of Korean Reflexives
    Eunah Kim, Myeong Hyeon Kim, and James Yoon

Part III Historical Linguistics

  • Some Korean/Japanese Linguistic Implications of Korean Wooden Tablet Writings
    SeungJae Lee
  • How Adessive Becomes Nominative in Korean Honorifics
    Alan Hyun-Oak Kim
  • A Discrepency in the Degree of Grammaticalization of Korean and Japanese Negative-Sensitive Items: A Corpus-Based Study
    KangHun Park
  • Distributional Patterns of Syntactic and Semantic/Pragmatic Coding in Four Japonic Varieties
    Shoichi Iwasaki and Noriko Yoshimura
  • A Quantitative Approach to Mimetic Diachrony
    Kimi Akita, Satoshi Nakamura, Takanori Komatsu, and Sachiko Hirata-Mogi

Part IV Discourse

  • Territories of Thoughts in Korean Conversation
    Mary Shin Kim
  • Japanese Relative Clauses That Stand Alone
    Yoshiko Matsumoto
  • Korean Discourse and Identity: Lessons from Heritage Language Research
    Agnes Kang

Part V Syntax and Semantics

  • 1-Deletion: Measure Nouns vs. Classifiers
    Akira Watanabe
  • Korean Nominative Case-Stacking: A Configurational Account
    Theodore Levin
  • Multiple Accusative Constructions: The Case of V+tate in Japanese
    Mika Kizu, Peter Sells, and Hidekazu Tanaka
  • A Corpus-Based Analysis of Adverbial Uses of the Quotative TO Construction: Speech and Thought Representation without Speech or Thought Predicates
    Seiko Fujii
  • Japanese Passives with Verbal Nouns
    Yutaka Sata
  • Dual Selections and Relabeling in Japanese and Korean
    Toru Ishii
  • Alternatives Tell You Where You Are
    Yoshiyuki Shibata
  • Genetive Modifiers: ga/no Conversion Revisited
    Masayoshi Shibatani, Sung Yeo Chung, and Bayaerduleng


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