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Japanese/Korean Linguistics, Vol. 27

Michael Barrie

Table of Contents

Invited Speakers

  • The Parallel Route the Japanese- and Korean-Acquiring Children Take to Attain the Adult Grammar: An Implication for the Minimalist Theory
    Keiko Murasugi
  • Intervention Effects in Japanese Revisited: Gradable Acceptability and Its Theoretical Consequences
    Satoshi Tomioka, Yoshihisa Kitagawa, & Katsuo Tamaoka

PART I: Discourse Analysis / Corpus Linguistics

  • Playful Frames of Interaction in Korean: Designs of Teasing and Banter
    Tyler Miyashiro
  • Expressive and Innovative Idiophones in Japanese and Korean: A Corpus-Based Approach
    Jiyeon Park
  • Politeness in Japanese and Korean Disaster Warnings
    Eunhye Kim Hess & Amy Ives Takebe
  • A Systematic, Corpus-Based Methodology for Studying Idiomatic Creativity in Korean and Japanese
    Young-Min Oh

PART II: Historical Linguistics

  • First Person Pronouns in Old Japanese Revisited: Focusing on a-nka and wa-nka
    Chihkai Lin
  • Diachronic Shifts of Korean Pyello and Japanese Amari from PPI to NPI
    Yong-Taek Kim, Rumiko Shinzato, & Seon-Yeop Hwang

PART III: Acquisition

  • Three Modes of Applying Phonemic Merge and Acquisition of Syllable Types
    Kei Furukawa

PART IV: Syntax / Semantics

  • Un-Blackboxing Aboutness: A New Perspective from Japanese Gapless Clausal Modifiers
    Kazuhiko Fukushima
  • Personal Pronouns as Markers of Spatial Deictic Anchors: The Case of the Demonstrative System in Kikai Ryukyuan
    Rihito Shirata
  • Intervention Effects and (Bare) Indeterminates
    Kimiko Nakanishi & Ken Hiraiwa
  • A Semantic Analysis of Embedded Tense Infinite Control in Japanese
    Yusuke Kubota & Koyo Akuzawa
  • How to Eat Your Cake and Have it Too in Japanese: Causal Pluralism and the Role of Agentivity
    Yosuke Sato
  • A Source of Defeasibility: Evidence from Japanese Object Experiencer Predicates
    Yusuke Yagi
  • Prosody and wh-scope in Osaka Japanese
    Hitomi Minamida
  • Korean vs. Chinese on Anaphoric Definites With(out) a Determiner
    Myung-Kwan Park & Arum Kang
  • Scope Rigidity of Multiple Scrambling and Economy
    Kwang-Sup Kim
  • Direct Object Marking and Markedness in Sika Yaeyaman
    Matthew Topping

PART V: Phonetics / Phonology

  • What Does Pitch Range Tell Us About Speech and Speakers? A Sociophonetic Study of Pitch Range Variation in Spoken Japanese
    Céleste Guillemot & Shin-Ichiro Sano
  • The Prosody of Contrastive Topic in Korean
    Seung-Eun Kim
  • Semantic Intensification and Prosodic Iconicity in Korean Colour Terms
    Hae-Sung Jeon
  • Testing Rosen's Rule Yet Again: An Experimental Study
    Yu Tanaka

PART VI: Pragmatics

  • A Pragmatic Account of Negative Island Obviation by wa in Japanese
    Hitomi Hirayama
  • Unpacking the Functions of the Epistemic Response Token Kulekey in Interaction
    Mary Shin Kim & Sue Y. Yoon
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