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The Phonology-Syntax Connection cover

The Phonology-Syntax Connection

edited by Sharon Inkelas and Draga Zec

What is the relationship between phonology and syntax, between sound and structure? How do they interact? Based on a conference at Stanford University, this book assembles essays from the founders of this field of investigation as well as from their students. The papers provide empirical support—and some challenges—for the influential Prosodic Hierarchy Theory, propose theoretical revisions in diverse areas of the theory, and introduce new data from a wide variety of languages. New theoretical devices are introduced to handle apparent lexical effects on phrasal rules, and new phrasing algorithms are developed which require access to other kinds of syntactic information than those once believed to be necessary. Several papers address architectural issues, arguing for particular components to accommodate the effects of semantics on phonology, and those of phonology on syntax.

Sharon Inkelas is assistant professor of linguistics at the University of Maryland. Draga Zec is assistant professor of linguistics at Yale University.


  • Contributors
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • 1 Branching Nodes and Prosodic Categories
    Lee Bickmore
  • 2 What Must Phonology Know About Syntax?
    Matthew Y. Chen
  • 3 Syntax and Phrasing in Korean
    Young-mee Yu Cho
  • 4 Sandhi Rules of Greek and Prosodic Theory
    Cleo Condoravi
  • 5 Precompiled Phrasal Phonology
    Bruce Hayes
  • 6 Boundary Tonology and the Prosodic Hierarchy
    Larry M. Hyman
  • 7 Toward a Typology of Postlexical Rules
    Ellen M. Kaisse
  • 8 Focusing on Phonological Phrases in Chicheŵa
    Jonni M. Kanerva
  • 9 Chizigula Tonology: the Word and Beyond
    Michael Kenstowicz and Charles Kisseberth
  • 10 Tone and Syntax in Kiyaka
    Lukowa Kidima
  • 11 The Phrasal Cycle in Kivunjo Chaga Tonology
    Brian D. McHugh
  • 12 On the Separation of Prosodic and Rhythmic Phonology
    Marina Nespor
  • 13 Syntax, Lexical Rules and Postlexical Rules in Kimatuumbi
    David Odden
  • 14 World-Internal Phrase Boundary in Japanese
    William J. Poser
  • 15 Predicting Rule Domains in the Phrasal Phonology
    Keren D. Rice
  • 16 Prosodic Domains in Shanghai Chinese
    Elisabeth Selkirk and Tong Shen
  • 17 Syntax and Semantics in Phonology
    Irene Vogel and Istaván Kenesei
  • 18 Prosadically Constrained Syntax
    Draga Zec and Sharon Inkelas
  • 19 Syntactic Representations and Phonological Shapes
    Arnold M. Zwicky
  • Bibliography
  • Index


ISBN (Paperback): 0226381013 (9780226381015)
ISBN (Cloth): 0226381005 (9780226381008)
Subject: Linguistics; Grammar--Phonology; Grammar--Syntax

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