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Natural Language Processing in the 1980s:

A Bibliography

Gerald Gazdar, Alex Franz, Karen Osborne, and Roger Evans

This book is the first comprehensive bibliography of recent work in the rapidly developing field of natural language processing and computational linguistics. It contains essentially all the relevant 1980s papers to be found in AAAI, ACL, AISB, COLING, ECAI, European ACL, IJCAI, TINLAP and TANLU conference proceedings and in the journals Artificial Intelligence and Computational Intelligence, and all the papers published in the journal Computational Linguistics, in addition to many relevant papers from other journals and conference proceedings, along with monographs, texts, and anthologies. Unpublished papers and theses, as well as institution-specific technical reports, are not included, however.

Full bibliographic information on more than 1,700 items by around 1,300 different researchers is listed alphabetically by first author. A separate index for second and subsequent authors is also provided to give readers ready access to all the work of a given researcher. In addition, a comprehensive 120 page keyword-in-title index facilitates locating papers on specific topics.

Gerald Gazdar is professor emeritus of computational linguistics at the University of Sussex. Roger Evans was a research fellow (now Reader in Computer Science at the University of Brighton) and Alex Franz and Karen Osborn were students at the University of Sussex.


ISBN (Paperback): 9780937073285 (0937073288)
ISBN (Cloth): 9780937073261 (0937073261)
Subject: Linguistics; Data Processing

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