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The Situation in Logic cover

The Situation in Logic

John Barwise

Situation theory and situation semantics are recent approaches to language and information, approaches first formulated by Jon Barwise and John Perry in Situations and Attitudes (1983). The present volume collects some of Barwise's papers written since then, those directly concerned with relations between logic, situation theory, and situation semantics. Several appears appear here for the first time.

Jon Barwise (1942–2000) was director of the Symbolic Systems Program and professor of philosophy at Stanford University and a researcher at CSLI.


  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Part One: Situations in Language and Logic
    • 1 Scenes and Other Situations
    • Appendix: Reply to Lakoff
    • 2 Logic and Information
    • 3 On the Circumstantial Relation between Meaning and Content
    • 4 Situations and Small Worlds
  • Part Two: Information
    • 5 Conditionals and Conditional Information
    • 6 Information and Circumstance
    • 7 Unburdening the Language of Thought
  • Part Three: Situation Theory and Related Topics
    • 8 Situations, Sets and the Axiom of Foundation
    • 9 On the Model Theory of Common Knowledge
    • 10 Situations, Facts, and True Propositions
    • 11 Notes on Branch Points in Situation Theory
    • 12 AFA and the Unification of Information
    • 13 Mixed Fixed Points
    • 14 Situated Set Theory
  • Epilogue: Toward a Mathematical Theory of Meaning
  • Bibliography
  • Index


ISBN (Paperback): 9780937073322 (0937073326)
ISBN (Electronic): 9781575867687 (1575867680)
Subject: Linguistics; Logic; Context

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