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The Role of Content in Logic, Language, and Mind cover

Propositional Attitudes

The Role of Content in Logic, Language, and Mind

edited by C. Anthony Anderson and Joseph Owens

These papers treat those issues involved in formulating a logic of propositional attitudes and consider the relevance of the attitudes to the continuing study of both the philosophy of language and the philosophy of mind.

C. Anthony Anderson is professor of philosophy and Joseph Owens is assistant professor of philosophy, both at the University of Minnesota.


  • Introduction
    C. Anthony Anderson and Joseph Owens
  • 1 Quine on Quantifying In
    Kit Fine
  • 2 Prolegomena to a Structural Theory of Belief and Other Attitudes
    by Hans Kemp
  • 3 A Study in Comparative Semantics
    Ernest LePore and Barry Loewer
  • 4 Wherein is Language Social?
    by Tyler Burge
  • 5 Narrow Content
    Robert Stalnaker
  • 6 Cognitive Access and Semantic Puzzles
    by Joseph Owens
  • 7 On Some Thought-Experiments About Mind and Meaning
    by John Wallace and H. E. Mason
  • 8 Belief and the Identity of Reference
    by Keith S. Dennellan
  • 9 A Millian Heir Rejects the Wages of Sinn
    Nathan Salmon
  • 10 The Mode-of-Presentation Problem
    by Stephen Schiffer
  • 11 Consciousness and Intentionality: Robots With and Without the Right Stuff
    Keith Gunderson
  • 12 Consciousness, Unconsciousness, and Intentionality
    John R. Searle
  • Bibliography
  • Subject Index
  • Name Index


ISBN (Paperback): 9780937073506 (0937073504)
ISBN (Cloth): 9780937073513 (0937073512)
Subject: Philosophy; Language and Logic; Proposition (Logic)

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