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Grammatical Relations cover

Grammatical Relations

A Cross-Theoretical Perspective

Katarzyna Dziwirek, Patrick M. Farrell, and Errapel Meijas-Bikandi

In recent years grammatical relations have come to play a prominent role in linguistic theories. This volume brings together papers that address a variety of theoretical issues involving grammatical relations, drawing on data from a broad range of natural languages. Many of the papers employ analytical devices from linguistic theories such as relational grammar, arc pair grammar, lexical functional grammar, government and binding theory, or head-driven phrase structure grammar. Other papers take a more eclectic stance.

The contributors include: Farrell Ackerman, Chris Baker, Joan Bresnan, Diana Cresti, Christopher Culy, William D. Davies, Anna Maria di Sciullo, Stanley Dubinsky, Katarzyna Dziwirek, Patrick Farrell, Kazuhiko Fukushima, Andrew Garrett, Donna Gerdts, Jorge Hankamer, Ki-Sun Hong, Eloise Jelinek, Geraldine Legendre, Errapel Mejias-Bikandi, William McClure, Ignazio Mirto, John Moore, Rosanne Pelletier, Marial Polinsky, Paul Postal, Eduardo Raposo, Richard Rhodes, Carol Rosen, Sara Thomas Rosen, Peter Sells, Juan Uriagereka, Lindsay Whaley, and Annie Zaenen.

Katarzyna Dziwirek is a graduate student in linguistics at the University of California, San Diego. Patrick Farrell is acting assistant professor of linguistics at the University of California, San Diego. Errapel Mejias-Bikandi is a graduate student in linguistics at the University of California, San Diego.


  • Preface
  • Contributors
  • The Morphological Blocking Principle and Oblique Pronominal Incorporation in Hungarian
    Farrell Ackerman
  • Wa and Ga in Turkish
    Chris Barker, Jorge Hankamer and John Moore
  • Deep Unaccusativity in LFG
    Joan Bresnan and Annie Zaenen
  • A Unified View of Psych-Verbs in Italian
    Diana Cresti
  • Grammatical Relations and Verb Forms Internally Headed Relative Clauses
    Christopher Culy
  • Javanese Evidence for Subject-to-Object Raising
    William D. Davies
  • Light and Semi-Light Verb Constructions
    Anna Maria Di Sciullo and Sara Thomas Rosen
  • Light Verbs and Predicate Demotion in Japanese
    Stanley Dubinsky
  • Default Agreement in Polish
    Katarzyna Dziwirek
  • VP-Embedding Control Structures in Japanese
    Kazuhiko Fukushima
  • Applicatives and Preposition Incorporation
    Andrew Garrett
  • Relational Visibility
    Donna B. Gerdts
  • Subject-to-Object Raising in Korean
    Ki-Sun Hong
  • Grammatical Relations and Coindexing in Inverse Systems
    Eloise Jelink
  • French Causatives: Another look at faire par
    Géraldine Legendre
  • Clause Union and Case Making in Basque
    Errapel Mejías-Bikandi
  • Nouns are Axiliated Predicates
    Ignazio M. Mirto
  • A Lexical Semantic Explanation for Unaccusative Mismatches
    William McClure
  • Spanish Clause Reduction with Downstairs Cliticization
    John Moore
  • Light Verbs in Telugu: A Clause Union Analysis
    Rosanne Pelletier
  • Subject Incorporation: Evidence from Chukchee
    Maria S. Polinsky
  • Some Unexpected English Restrictions
    Paul M. Postal
  • Object Agreement in the Impersonal -se Passive Construction in European Portuguese
    Eduardo Raposo and Juan Uragereka
  • Ojibwa Secondary Objects
    Richard A. Rhodes
  • Italian Evidence for Multi-Predicate Clauses
    Carol Rosen
  • Is There Subject-to-Object Raising in Japanese?
    Peter Sells
  • The Effect of Non-Surface Grammatical Relations on the Genitive Absolute in Koine Greek
    Lindsay Whaley


ISBN (Paperback): 9780937073636 (0937073636)
ISBN (Cloth): 9780937073629 (0937073628)
Subject: Linguistics; Grammar

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