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Lexical Matters  cover

Lexical Matters

edited by Ivan A. Sag and Anna Szabolcsi

This volume contains new research on the lexicon and its relation to other aspects of linguistics. These essays put forth empirical arguments to claim that specific theoretical assumptions concerning the lexicon play a crucial role in resolving problems pertaining to other components of grammar.

Topics include: syntactic/semantic interface in the areas of aspect, argument structure, and thematic roles; lexicon-based accounts of quirky case, anaphora, and control; the boundary between the lexicon and the syntax in the domains of sentence comprehension and nominal compounding; and the possibility of extending the concept of blocking beyond the traditional lexicon.

Ivan Sag (1949–2013) was a professor of linguistics at Stanford University. Anna Szabolcsi was an associate professor of linguistics at UCLA and is now a professor of linguistics at New York University.

Center for the Study of Language and Information- Lecture Notes, Number 24


  • Introduction
  • Contributors
  • 1 The Aspectual Interface Hypothesis
    Carol Tenny
  • 2 Thematic Relations as Links between Nominal Reference and Temporal Constitution
    Manfred Krifka
  • 3 Complex Predicates and Morpholexical Relatedness: Locative Alternation in Hungarian
    Farrell Ackerman
  • 4 On Obviation
    Donka F. Farkas
  • 5 Blocking of Phrasal Constructions by Lexical Items
    William J. Poser
  • 6 The Stress and Structure of Modified Noun Phrases in English
    Mark Liberman and Richard Sproat
  • 7 Hungarian Derivational Morphology, Semantic Complexity, and Semantic Markedness
    Ferenc Kiefer
  • 8 Focus-Based Inferences in Sentence Comprehension
    György Gergely
  • 9 Combinatory Grammar and Projection from the Lexicon
    Anna Szabolsci
  • 10 The Lexical Entailment Theory of Control and the Tough-Construction
    Pauline Jacobson
  • 11 A Lexical Analysis of Icelandic Case
    Ivan Sag, Lauri Karttunen, Jeffrey Goldberg
  • Author Index
  • Subject Index


ISBN (Paperback): 0937073660 (9780937073667)
ISBN (Cloth): 0937073652 (9780937073650)
ISBN (electronic): 157586827X (9781575868271)

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