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Situation Theory and Its Applications, Volume 2 cover

Situation Theory and Its Applications, Volume 2

edited by Jon Barwise, Jean Mark Gawron, Gordon Plotkin, and Syun Tutiya

Situation theory is the result of an interdisciplinary effort to create a full-fledged theory of information. Created by scholars and scientists from cognitive science, computer science, AI, linguistics, logic, philosophy, and mathematics, the theory is forging a common set of tools for the analysis of phenomena from all these fields.

This volume presents work that evolved out of the Second Conference on Situation Theory and its Applications. Twenty-six essays exhibit the wide range of the theory, covering such topics as natural language semantics, philosophical issues about information, mathematical applications, and the visual representation of the information in computer systems.

Jon Barwise was a professor of philosophy, mathematics, and logic at Indiana university in Bloomington. Jean Mark Gawron is a researcher at SRI International and a consultant at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories. Gordon Plotkin is a professor of theoretical computer science at the University of Edinburgh. Syun Tutiya is in the philosophy department at Chiba University in Japan.


  • Contributors
  • Preface
  • Part I Situation Theory
  • 1 Universes and Parameters
    Peter Aczel and Rachel Lunnon
  • 2 Situations as Mathematical Abstractions
    Keith J. Devlin
  • 3 Oracles in Situation Semantics
    Keith J. Devlin
  • 4 Many Sorted Universes, SRDs, and Injective Sums
    Rachel Lunnon
  • 5 A Theory of Situations
    Edward N. Zalta
  • Part II Logical Applications
  • 6 Pierce on Truth and Partiality
    Tom Burke
  • 7 Information and and Architecture
    David Isreal and John Perry
  • 8 Doxic Paradox: A Situational Solution
    Robert C. Koons
  • 9 CLP (AFA): Coinductive Semantics of Horn Clauses with Compact Constraints
    Kuniaki Mukai
  • 10 Inferring in a Situation about Situations
    Hideyuki Nakashima and Syun Tutiya
  • 11 Situation-Theoretic Aspects of Databases
    Bill Rounds
  • 12 Physical Situations and Information Flow
    Jerry Seligman
  • Part III Linguistic Applications
  • 13 Persistence and Structural Determination
    Richard P. Cooper
  • 14 Negation in Situation Semantics and Discourse Representation Theory
    Robin Cooper and Hans Kamp
  • 15 The Absorption Principle and E-Type Anaphora
    Jean Mark Gawron, John Nerborne, and Stanley Peters
  • 16 Questions without Answers, Wh-Phrases without Scope: A Semantics for Direct Wh-Questions and their Responses
    Jonathan Ginzburg
  • 17 Reducing Complexity of Contraint-Based Grammars
    Kôiti Hasida
  • 18 Perspectivity and the Japanese Reflexive ‘zibun
    Yasuhiro Katagiri
  • 19 A Fomalization of Metaphor Understanding in Situation Semantics
    Tatsunori Mori and Hiroshi Nakagawa
  • 20 Relational Semantics and Scope Ambiguity
    Massimo Poesio
  • 21 Parameters: Dependence and Absorption
    Helle Frisak Sem, Kjell Johan Sæbø, Guri B. Verne, and Espen J. Vestre
  • 22 A Strictly Incremental Approach to Japanese Grammar
    Hiroyuki Suzuki and Syun Tutiya
  • 23 Probing the Iroquoian Perspective: Towards a Situated Inquiriy of Linguistic Relativity
    Dietmar Zaefferer
  • Part IV Visual Information
  • 24 Visualization
    C. Michael Lewis
  • 25 A Situation-Theoretic Account of Valid Reasoning with Venn Diagrams
    Sun-Joo Shin
  • 26 Reasoning with Words, Pictures, and Calculi: Computation Versus Justification
    Keith Stenning and Jon Oberlander
  • Name Index
  • Subject Index


ISBN (Paperback): 9780937073704 (0937073709)
ISBN (Cloth): 9780937073711 (0937073717)
ISBN (Electronic): 9781575867694 (1575867699)
Subject: Cognitive Science; Logic; Language and Logic

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