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Quantifiers, Logic, and Language cover

Quantifiers, Logic, and Language

edited by Jaap van der Does and Jan van Eijck

Generalized quantifier theory is a central topic in logic with important applications in semantics of natural language. Recent work in the application field has led to new logical questions and new theoretical developements, showing that quantifier theory is a truly interdisciplinary field.

This volume presents contributions to quantifier theory and its applications and gives a good impression of the depth and diversity of recent work in the field. The book starts with a long introductionaimed at making the individual papers to a wide audience of logicians and linguists.

Jaap van der Does's research concerns the logical and linguistic aspects of quantification. Currently he is working as a senior–postdoc for the Dutch PIONIER project ‘Reasoning–with Uncertainty’ (NWO, Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research) at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Amsterdam. Jan van Eijck is Senior Researcher at CWI (Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science), Amsterdam, and professor of computational linguistics at OTS (Research Institute for Language and Speech), Utrecht.


  • Preface
  • 1 Basic Quantifier Theory Jaap van der Does and Jan van Eijck
  • 2 Quantifiers in the World of Types Johan van Benthem
  • 3 Dynamic Generalized Quantifiers Martin van der Berg
  • 4 Monotone Quantifiers: Interpolation and Preservation Kees Doets
  • 5 Quantifiers and Partiality Jan van Eijck
  • 6 The Semantics of Exception Phrases Jacon Hoeksema
  • 7 Further Beyond the Frege Boundary Edward L. Keenan
  • 8 Configurational Expression of Negation William A. Ladusaw
  • 9 Natural Deduction for Generalized Quantifiers Michael van Lambalgen
  • 10 Conditionals and Quantifiers Serge Lapierre
  • 11 Branching Quantification and Scope Independence Feng-hsi Liu
  • 12 Generalized Quantifier Theory and the Semantics of Focus Sjaak de Mey
  • 13 Parallel Quantification Martin Spaan
  • 14 Quantification Over Time Henriëtte de Swart
  • 15 The Semantics of Plural Noun Phrases Henk Verkuyl and Jaap van der Does
  • 16 Relativization of Quantifier in Finite Models Dag Westerståhl
  • 17 Facets of Negation Frans Zwarts
  • Affiliations of Contributors


ISBN (Paperback): 1575860007 (9781575860008)
ISBN (Cloth): 1575860015 (9781575860015)
ISBN (Electronic): 1575867885 (9781575867885)

Subject: Linguistics; Grammar--Quantifiers

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