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Grammatical Relations

Theoretical Approaches to Empirical Questions

edited by Clifford S. Burgess, Katarzyna Dziwirek, and Donna B. Gerdts

Grammatical relations are central to all current syntactic theories. This volume contains the papers from the Sixth Biennial Conference on Grammatical Relations, held at Simon Fraser University, September 16-18, 1993. The papers address a number of empirical issues in many different languages from the viewpoint of various theories.

Clifford S. Burgess and a Professor at Simon Fraser University. Katarzyna Dziwirek is an Associate Professor in the Department of Slavic at the University of Washington. Donna B. Gerdts is a Professor of Lingustics at Simon Fraser University.


  • Preface
  • Word-Internal Semantic Relations in Wakashn
    Emmon Bach
  • Mapping Theory and Fula Verbal Extensions
    Christopher Culy & William D. Davies
  • Mapping Basque Psych Verbs
    William D. Davies & Ascuncion Martinez-Arbelaiz
  • Experiencers of Psych Verbs in Tagalog
    Videa P. De Guzman
  • Expletive Subjects in Lingala: A Challenge to Burzio's Generalization
    Stanley Dubinsky & Mazemba Nzwanga
  • Southern Tiwa Argument Structure
    Donald G. Franz
  • Relational Grammar Laws, the Theory of Parameters and the Acquisition of Spanish
    Nora Gonzales
  • The Structure and Surface Form of Benefactives and Other Prepositional Grammatical Relations
    Mika Hoffman
  • On Some Mood Alternations in Labrador Inuttut
    Alana Johns
  • Verb Agreement and Grammatical Relations
    David Kathman
  • Predicate-Argument Structure in Malagasy
    Edward L. Keenan
  • Excorporation and (Non)-1AEX
    Yoshihisa Kitagawa
  • Mapping constructions as word templates: evidence from French
    Jean-Pierre Koenig
  • On grammatical relations in Malagasy control structures
    Paul Law
  • Cause Prominence Constraints in French and Elsewhere
    Géraldine Legendre
  • Lexical Case and NP Raising
    Kumiko G. Murasugi
  • Predication Within Telugu Nominals
    Rosanne Pelletier
  • Ergative Subjects
    Colin Phillips
  • Non-terms in complex predicates: From Incorporation to Reanalysis
    Maria Polinsky
  • A Glance at French Pseudopassives
    Paul M. Postal
  • Underspecifying grammatical relations in a constraint-based morphology
    Kevin Russell
  • Binding and Conference in Jakaltek
    Frank R. Trechsel


ISBN (Paperback): 1575860023 (9781575860022)
ISBN (Cloth): 1575860031 (9781575860039)
Subject: Linguistics; Grammar

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