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Sociolinguistic Variation cover

Sociolinguistic Variation

Data, Theory, and Analysis

edited by Jennifer Arnold, Renée Blake, Brad Davidson, Scott Schwenter, and Julie Solomon

This volume collects selected papers from the twenty-third New Ways of Analyzing Variation (NWAV23) conference held at Stanford University. It is a collection of innovative papers on the newest developments in research on variation. The range of topics covered in this collection include: phonological variation, morphosyntactic variation, register and style, discourse, codeswitching, and language change. A foreword by John Rickford ties the collection together. This volume will be of interest to sociolinguists, sociologists, and any scholar interested in comparative linguistics.

Jennifer Arnold, Renée Blake, Brad Davidson, Scott Schwenter, and Julie Solomon were young scholars at Stanford University, involved in the sociolinguistics community at the time of this publication.


  • Preface
  • Part I: Phonological Variation
  • Freedom of Movement: /uw /-fronting in the Midwest
    Sharon Ash
  • The (ING) variable: Patterns of Variation in a Fraternity
    Scott Fabius Kiesling
  • Competing Norms and Selective Assimilation: Mixing Outer Banks and Southern /⦆/
    Walt Wolfram, Adrianne Cheek, and Hal Hammond
  • On the Social Basis of Phonetic Resistance: THe Shifting Status of Ourter Banks /ay/
    Walt Wolfram and Natalie Schilling-Estes
  • Part II: Morphosyntactic Variation
  • Null and Expressed Pronoun Variation in Mexican-descent Children's Spanish
    Robert Bayley and Lucinda Pease-Alverez
  • Linguistic Preference and Prescriptive Dictum: On the Phonological and Morphological Justification of Ain't
    Kirk Hazen
  • Sorting out Morphosyntactic Variation in Acadian French: The Importance of the Linguistic Marketplace
    Ruth King and Terry Nadasdi
  • Copula Variability in the Belize Continuum and the Notion of the Creole Continuum
    Bettina Migge
  • Accounting for Variable Word-final Deletion with Optimality Theory
    Naomi Nagy and Bill Reynolds
  • Variation in Negative Inversion in AAVE: An Optimality Theoretic Approach
    Peter Sells, John Rickford, and Thomas Wasow
  • The Problem of Syntactic Variation
    Donald Winford
  • Part III: Register and Style
  • Compliments, Compliment Responses, and Politeness in the African-American Community
    Anita Henderson
  • Discourse Genre, Type of Situation and Topic of Conversation in Relation to Phonological Variables in Puerto Rican Spanish
    Antonio medina-Rivera
  • Contact with Media and Linguistic Variation
    Anthony J. Naro and Maria Marta Pereira Scherre
  • Sociolinguistic Factors in Sign Languae Research
    Peter L. Patrick and Melanie Metzger
  • Intonation and Register Variation: The Case of the English Negative
    Malcah Yaeger-Dror
  • Part IV: Discourse
  • Engaging the Reader: The Changing Use of Connectives in Newspaper Discourse
    Colleen Cotter
  • Social Effects and Interactional Dynamics: Their Relative Importance for a Discourse Procedure
    Sylvie Dubois
  • OK-a Dynamic Discourse in Montréal French
    Troy Heisler
  • Laughter as Interaction Strategy: Discursive and Phonetic Aspects
    Steve LaGreca, Marty Laforest, Ahmed Alioua, and Diane Vincent
  • Whose Story is this?: Point of View Variation and Group Identity in Oral Narrative
    Charlotte Linde
  • Variation in Narrative Structure
    Erik Møller
  • A Study of the Use of Reported Speech in Spoken Language
    Diane Vincent and Sylvie Dubois
  • Part V: Codeswitching
  • Codeswitching in a Bidealectal School
    Stella Maris Bortoni-Ricardo
  • A Competence Model of Codeswitching
    Shahrzad Mahootian
  • Intrasentential Codeswitching in Diglossic Settings and Its Implications for Linguistic Variation and Language Change
    Keith Walters
  • Organizational Principles Behind Codeswitching and Interlanguage Development in Early Adult Second Language Acquisition
    Longxing Wei
  • Part VI: Language Change
  • The Linguistic Consequences of Catastrophic Events: An Example from the American Southwest
    Guy Bailey, Tom Wikle, Jan Tillery, and Lori Sand
  • Social Stratification, Linguistic Constraints and Inherent Variability in Heerlen Dutch: The Use of the Infinitival Complementizers om/voor
    Leonie Cornips
  • The Spread of Urban AAVE: A Case Study
    Patricia Cukor-Avila and Guy Bailey
  • Constraints on the Loss of Case Marking in English Wh-Pronouns: Four Hundred Years of Real-time Evidence
    Edgar W. Schneider
  • A Trend Study of a Trendy Change
    Hans Van de Velde
  • Substratal Effects on the Evolution of Modals in East LA English
    Benji Wald


ISBN (Paperback): 1575860384 (9781575860381)
ISBN (Cloth): 1575860392 (9781575860398)
ISBN (Electronic): 1575867621 (9781575867625)
Subject: Linguistics; Language Variation

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