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European Review of Philosophy, 2:

Cognitive Dynamics

edited by Jérôme Dokic

The European Review of Philosophy aims at restoring the tradition of rigorous philosophical discussion by bringing together new philosophers from various parts of Europe and by making their works on a wide range of topics available to the philosophical community.

The theme of this volume is cognitive dynamics, which was coined by David Kaplan in his classical work "Demonstratives." The contributors touch on important requirements on the theory of cognitive dynamics such as, the presence of change of mind, the question of the relative priority of the theories of thought and language, and changes in context and content.

Jérôme Dokic was a researcher at the Swiss Science Foundation at the University of Geneva at the time of this publication.


  • Part I: Cognitive Dynamics
  • Introduction
    Jérôme Dokic
  • Rip van Winkle and Other Characters
    John Perry
  • The Dynamics of Situations
    François Recanati
  • Dynamic Thoughts and Empty Minds
    Michael Luntley
  • Dynamic and Coherent Thoughts
    Maite Ezcurdia
  • Cognitive Dynamics
    Christoph Hoerl
  • Belief, Content, and Cause
    Tobies Grimaltos and Carlos J. Moya
  • Part II: Other Topics
  • Critical Notice of François Recanati's Direct Reference
    Alberto Voltolini


ISBN (Paperback): 1575860724 (9781575860725)
ISBN (Cloth): 1575860732 (9781575860732)

Subject: Philosophy

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