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The Structure of Dagaare cover

The Structure of Dagaare

Adams Bodomo

This work grew out of Dagaare field methods courses at the University of Trondheim, Norway and at Stanfrod University. The monograph covers basic aspects of the phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics of Dagaare, such as vowel harmony, tone, the noun class system, serial verbs and other complex constructions. Some sociolinguistic information about this northern Ghanaian language is also included. It is one of the first monographs on the language by a native speaker.

Adams Bodomo is Professor of African Studies at the University of Vienna. At the time of this publication, he was a doctoral candidate at the University of Trondheim, Norway. In the 1994/94 academic year, he was affiliated with Stanford University, Department of Linguistics and the Center for African Studies, as a visiting lecturer. Bodomo has written and published several research papers on Dagaare linguistics and on the general language situation in Africa.


  • Preface
  • Introduction: The Dagaare languages and its speakers
  • 1 The Vocalic and Consonantal Systems
  • 2 Suprasegmental phonology: Tone
  • 3 Phonological Processes: Vowel Harmony
  • 4 The Dagaare Syllable: Types And Structures
  • 5 An Orthography for Dagaare
  • 6 Word Order Parameter and Dagaare Syntax
  • 7 Syntax of the Dagaare Nominal Phrase
  • 8 Morphology of the Dagaare Noun
  • 9 The Pronominal System of Dagaare
  • 10 Nominal Processes in Dagaare
  • 11 Structure of the Verb Phrase
  • 12 The Preverbal Particles
  • 13 The Main Verb
  • 14 The Post-Verbal Particles lá
  • 15 Adverbs and Adjuncts
  • 16 Double Object Constructions
  • 17 Complex Constructions: SVCs
  • 18 Complex Constructions: SVNs
  • 19 Complex Constructions: Coordination
  • 20 Other Syntactic Alternations
  • Appendix 1
  • A Dagaare – English Vocabulary List
  • Bibliography
  • Index


ISBN (Cloth): 1575860775 (9781575860770)

Subject: Linguistics; Dagari Language--Grammar

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