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Discourse and Cognition cover

Discourse and Cognition

Bridging the Gap

edited by Jean-Pierre Koenig

This volume has brought together research from both “cognitive” and “functional” approaches to linguistics. The collection includes work from cognitive science disciplines whose concerns overlap with linguistics, such as artificial intelligence, neurolinguistics and psychology. Despite their diversity, the papers in this volume are all inspired by the same fundamental question: To what extent is the structure of languages affected by human cognitive structures and language use? This book will appeal to graduate students, professors, and researchers–in particular, cognitive and functional linguists; psychologists; and artificial intelligence scholars.

Jean-Pierre Koenigis an assistant professor of linguistics at the State University of New York at Buffalo.


  • Preface
  • Part I: Conceptual Structure and Grammar
  • The Conceptual Basis of Number Marking in Brazilian
    Patrick Farrell
  • Space and TIme in the Semantics of the Finnish Case System
    Vivienne Fong
  • Locating Linguistic Variation in Semantic Templates
    Vivienne Fong and Christine Poulin
  • Semantic Principles of Predication
    Catherine L. Harris
  • On Subjectification
    Ronald W. Langacker
  • Part II: Discourse
  • Three Grammaticalization Paths for the Development of Person Verbal Agreement in Hebrew
    Mira Ariel
  • Prototype Theory and Covert Gender in Turkish
    Friedrich Braun
  • The Pragmatics of Precision: Geometric and Non-Geometric Periphrastic Progressives in Modern English
    Robert S. Kirsner and Willem A. van der Kloot
  • Conceptual Dependency and the Clausal Structure of Discourse
    Joost Schilperoord and Arie Verhaen
  • Part III: Metaphors
  • An AI System for Metaphorical Reasoning about Mental States in Discourse
    John A. Barnden
  • Metaphoric Gestures and Some of Their Relations to Verbal Metaphoric Expressions
    Alan Cienki
  • The “Conduit Metaphor” Revisited: A Reassessment of Metaphors for Communication
    Joe Grady
  • Conceptual Metaphor in Mathematics
    George Lakoff and Rafael Núñez
  • The Relation between Grammaticalization and Event Structure Metaphor: Evidence from Uighur Auxiliation
    Sarah Taub
  • Part IV: Mental Spaces
  • Sequencing Mental Spaces in an ASL Narrative
    Boris Fridman-Mintz and Scott K. Liddell
  • Principles of Conceptual Integration
    Gilles Fauconnier and Mark Turner
  • Bound Spaces, Starting Points, and Settings
    Tuomas Huumo
  • References Frames: An Application to Imparfait
    Hengamesh Irandoust
  • Viewpoint Shift in Narrative
    Ilana Mushin
  • Blending and Other Conceptual Operationsin the Interpretations of Mathematical Proofs
    Adrian Robert
  • Part V: Seamntics/Pragmatics Interface
  • The Distribution of Generic Objects: Lecical Semantics vs. Pragmatics
    William Byrne
  • Meaning and Context: German aber and sondern
    Jean-Pierre Koenig and Beate Benndorf
  • On Sentence Accent in Information Questions
    Knud Lambrecht and Laura A. Michaelis
  • A Non-Syntactic Account of Some Asymmetries in the Double Object Construction
    Maria Polinsky
  • From Hypothetical to Factual and Beyond: Refutational si-clauses in Spanish Conversation
    Scott A. Schwenter
  • Index


ISBN (Paperback): 1575861143 (9781575861142)
ISBN (Cloth): 1575861151 (9781575861159)

Subject: Linguistics; Discourse Analysis; Psycholinguistics

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