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The Proceedings of the Thirtieth Child Language Research Forum

edited by Eve V. Clark

The contributors to the Proceedings of the Thirtieth meeting of the Child Language Research Forum explore their findings on language acquisition in a variety of the world's languages, reflecting the diversity of interests in the field and the range of languages being studied. This volume makes an empirical, as well as a theoretical, contribution to linguistic research.

Since its inception in 1967, the Forum has provided an informal but critical setting for the presentation of new ideas and research on first language acquisition. The Forum itself is sponsored by the Linguistics Department at Stanford University, and is organized by graduate students. The Forum draws researchers from around the globe. The papers presented at the Forum reflect the diversity of interests in the field and the range of languages being studied.



  • Transivity and Verb Arguments in Acquisition
    Nancy Budwig, Patricia M. Clancy & Cynthia Fisher
  • Simple Structural Guides for Verb Learning: On Starting with Next to Nothing
    Cynthia Fisher
  • Transitivity in Korean Acquisition: Discourse-Functional Foundations
    Patricia M. Clancy
  • Voice and Perspective: An Indexical Approach
    Nancy Budwig
  • Assessing Children's Knowledge of Word Order with Familiar and Novel Verbs
    Raquel O. Jaakkola & Nameera Akhtar
  • Children's Verb Lexicon
    Sigal Uziel-Karl
  • The Use and Non-Use of Auxiliary 'BE'
    Elena Lieven, Anna Theakston, Julian Pine, & Caroline Rowland
  • Cross-Situational Observation and the Semantic Bootstrapping Hypothesis
    Jesse Snedeker
  • 'He Descended Legs-Upwards': Position and Motion in Tzeltal Frog Stories
    Penelope Brown
  • How do children learn to conflate manner and path in their speech and gestures: Differences in English and Turkish
    Asli Ozyürek & Seyda Ozçaliskan
  • The Acquisition of Causative Morphology: Why Does It Correlate with The Imperative?
    Yasuhiro Shirai, Susanne Miyata, Norio Naka, & Yoshiko Sakazaki
  • Completed and Progressive Action in Swedish and Icelandic Child Language
    Hrafnhildur Ragnarsdóttir, Sven Strömqvist, & Asa Nordqvist
  • The Use of Tenses in French-Speaking Children's Narratives
    Catherine Léger
  • Modal Reference in Children's Root Infinitives
    Misha Becker & Nina Hyams
  • Understanding Sources of Beliefs and Marking of Uncertainty: The Child's Theory of Evidentiality
    Ayhan Aksu-Koç & Didem Mersin Alici
  • Evidential Final Particles in Child Cantonese
    Thomas Hun-tak Lee & Ann Law
  • Compounding and Inflection in Finnish Child Language: Learning the Impossible?
    Sirkka Vanttilä & Farrell Ackerman
  • How Cantonese-Speaking Two-Year-Olds Fend for Themselves through the Thicket of Classifiers
    Cathy Sin-Ping Wong
  • Learning Inflection Agreement from Parental Speech
    Tony C. Smith
  • The Acquisition of Word Meaning through Global Lexical Co-occurrences
    Ping Li, Curt Burgess, & Kevin Lund
  • A Contextual Analysis of a Japanese Two-Year-Old's Clarification Requests
    Naomi Hamasaki & Hidetoshi Shirai
  • The Bilingual Child: One System or Two?
    Colleen Wapole
  • Negation, Quantification, and Isomorphism in Child English
    Julien Musolino
  • Effects of Phonology and Morphology in Children's Orthographic Systems: A Crosslinguistic Study of Hebrew and Dutch
    Steven Gillis & Dorit Ravid
  • Toni Sandhi as Evidence for Segmentation in Taiwanese
    Jane Tsay, James Myers, & Xaio-Jun Chen
  • The Acquisition of Japanese Prosody: Chidlren's Production and Perception of the Nasal Quantity Contrast
    Katsura Aoyama
  • Gradual Constraint-Ranking Learning Algorithm Predicts Acquisition Order
    Paul Boersma & Clara Levelt


ISBN (Paperback): 1575862425 (9781575862422)
ISBN (Cloth): 1575862417 (9781575862415)

Subject: Linguistics; Language Acquisition

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