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The Philosopher's Annual, Volume 22

edited by Patrick Grim, Kenneth Baynes, and Gary Mar

The Philosopher's Annual attempts to select the ten best articles published in philosophy the previous year. Impossible? Yes.

By attempting the impossible we hope to succeed each year in calling attention to some truly exceptional philosophical work. This is the 22nd volume of the series, collecting outstanding philosophical work from the literature of 1999.

Each year the members of our distinguished nominating board are asked to name three papers which most impressed them from the literature of the previous year. No limitations are placed on sources from which articles may be nominated, on subject matter, or on mode of treatment. From that ponderous pile of 60 to 90 nominations, the editors attempt to select the very best.

Nominating Editors: Ned Block, Tyler Burge, Hubert Dreyfus, Hartry Field, Owen Flanagan, Dagfinn Follesdal, Marilyn Friedman, Michael Friedman, Samuel Guttenplan, Allen Hazen, Virginia Held, David Hoy, Philip Kitcher, Henbry Kyburg, Berel Lang, Keith Lehrer, William Lycan, William E. Mann, Ruth Barcan Marcus, Thomas McCarthy, Julius Moravcsik, Kai Nielsen, Christopher Peacocke, Richard Purtill, Tom Regan, Nicholas Rescher, Nathan Salmon, Marcus G. Singer, Michael Slote, J. J. C. Smart, Roy Sorensen, Robert Stalnekr, Johan van Benthem, Bas van Fraassen, Peter van Inwagen.

Patrick Grim, Kenneth Baynes and Gary Mar are professors at the Department of Philosophy at SUNY, Stony Brook.


  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • 1. Geometry,Construction and Institution in Kant and His Successors Michael Friedman
  • 2. Navajo Indian Religion Jürgen Habermas
  • 3. Intention and Weakness of Will Richard Holton
  • 4. The Semantics of Mass-Predicates Kathrin Koslicki
  • 5. An Alright Dutch Book Vann McGee
  • 6. The Disunity of Color Mohan Matthen
  • 6. Justification and Legitimacy A. John Simmons
  • 6. Seeing Intersecting Eclipses Roy Sorensen
  • 6. Love as a Moral Emotion J. David Velleman
  • 6. God and Other Agents in Hindu Philosophy Keith Yandell


ISBN (Paperback): 1575862964 (9781575862965)
ISBN (Cloth): 1575862956 (9781575862958)

Subject: Philosophy

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