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Semantic Interfaces cover

Semantic Interfaces

Reference, Anaphora and Aspect

edited by Carlo Cecchetto, Gennaro Chierchia, and Maria Teresa Guasti

This volume collects original papers —from some of the most prominent linguists in the world—on the theory of meaning (semantics) and its relation to syntax. The debate on the syntax-semantics interface, one of the liveliest in the field, is sure to be invigorated by these contributions.

The contributors discuss central aspects of how meaning and form are related, by looking at a range of topics where such relations play a particularly prominent role. The topics address reference and anaphora as well as tense and aspect. The specific issues discussed include: the nature of identity statements, the referential properties of indefinites and the debate on their scopal properties, the theory of reconstruction, the proper characterization of aspectual notions and actional classes, tense in embedded, and intensional contexts. These papers offer a valuable source of the latest hypotheses being developed on the subject of syntax/semantics interface.

Carlo Cecchetto is professor of lingusitics at the University of Siena. Genaro Chierchia is professor of linguistics at the University of Milan. Maria Teresa Guasti is professor of linguistics at the University of Milano-Bicocca.



  • Introduction
  • Frege on Identity Statements Robert May
  • A Puzzle About Idenfinites Genaro Chierchia
  • Syntactic or Semantic Reconstruction? Evidence from Pseudoclefts and Clitic Left Dislocation Carlo Cecchietto
  • Reconstruction, Weak Island Sensitivity Agreement Luigi Rizzi
  • On a Frequent Misunderstanding in the Temporal-Aspectual Domain: The ‘Perfective-Telic Confusion’ Pier Marco Bertinetto
  • Ways of Terminating Alessandra Giorgi and Fabio Pianesi
  • Temporarily Opaque Arguments in Verbs of Creation Armin von Stechow
  • Tense in Fiction Sandro Zucchi
  • Index


ISBN (Paperback): 1575863162 (9781575863160)
ISBN (Cloth): 1575863154 (9781575863153)

Subject: Linguistics; Semantics; Reference

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