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A Theory of Phonological Weight cover

A Theory of Phonological Weight

Larry M. Hyman
with a foreword by William R. Leben

With the reissue of this treatise, an instrumental step in the development of both moraic phonology and prosodic morphology becomes available again. This essential text presents a comprehensive treatment of syllable weight in phonology and of its consequences for weight-related phenomena, proposing that the basic tier consists of weight units equivalent to the morals of traditional synchronic and diachronic phonology. Turning to the unusual Gokana language of Nigeria, which may lack syllables entirely, Hyman argues that the proposed moraic representations may even be applied to many apparently syllable-based phenomena without syllables.

Larry M. Hyman is Professor of Linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley.


  • Introduction to Reissue Edition
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Syllable Weight
  • Chapter 2: The weight tier
  • Chapter 3: Syllabicity without syllables
    • 3.1 Defining Syllabicity
    • 3.2 Gokana vowel length
    • 3.3 No syllables in Gokana

  • Chapter 4: Syllabic consonants
    • 4.1 Syllabic nasals in Gokana
    • 4.2 Syllabic onsets in Kpelle
    • 4.3 Syllabic liguids in Idoma
    • 4.4 Syllabicity and extrasyllabicity

  • Chapter 5: Segments without weight
    • 5.1 Underlying weightless consonants
    • 5.2 Underlying weightless vowels
    • 5.3 Epenthetic consonants
    • 5.4 Epenthetic vowels
    • 5.5 Generalizations and predictions

  • Chapter 6: Glides
    • 6.1 Glides from underlying vowels
    • 6.2 Glides from underlying consonants

  • Chapter 7: Recapitulation and discussion
  • Chapter 8: The mapping of autosegments
    • 8.1 The mapping of nasality in Gokana
    • 8.2 The mapping of tone in Gokana
    • 8.3 The mapping of vowel harmony in Gokana

  • Conclusion
  • Notes
  • References


ISBN (Paperback): 1575863286 (9781575863283)

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