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Language, Proof and Logic

Jon Barwise and John Etchemendy

Please note that a Second Edition has come out. For additional information, please visit the official home page for LPL.

This textbook/software package covers first-order language in a method appropriate for first and second courses in logic. The unique on-line grading services instantly grades solutions to hundred of computer exercises. It is specially devised to be used by philosophy instructors in a way that is useful to undergraduates of philosophy, computer science, mathematics, and linguistics.

The book is a completely rewritten and much improved version of The Language of First-order Logic. Introductory material is presented in a more systematic and accessible fashion. Advanced chapters include proofs of soundness and completeness for propositional and predicate logic, as well as an accessible sketch of Godel's first incompleteness theorem. The book is appropriate for a wide range of courses, from first logic courses for undergraduates (philosophy, mathematics, and computer science) to a first graduate logic course.

The package includes a CD with four pieces of software:
(a Registration ID Number is printed on the CD's face)

Tarski's World 6.0 – a new version of the popular program that teaches the basic first-order language and its semantics;

Fitch – a natural deduction proof environment for giving and checking first-order proofs;

Boole – a program that facilitates the construction and checking of truth tables and related notions (tautology, tautological consequence, etc.);

Submit – a program that allows students to submit exercises done with the above programs to the Grade Grinder, the automatic grading service.

Grade reports are returned to the student and, if requested, to the student's instructor, eliminating the need for tedious checking of homework. All programs will be available on both Windows and Macintosh OS. Instructors do not need to use the programs themselves in order to be able to take advantage of their pedagogical value.

Jon Barwise and John Etchemendy have developed several other logic courseware packages. Information on these packages can be be found at http://openproof.stanford.edu/.

Language, Proof and Logic is now distributed by CSLI Publications. To order or request a desk copy, please contact CSLI Publications.
e-mail: pubs@csli.stanford.edu


ISBN (Paperback): 9781575863740

Subject: Logic; Linguistics

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