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The Philosopher's Annual, Volume 23

edited by Patrick Grim, Kenneth Baynes, Peter Ludlow and Gary Mar.

The Philosopher's Annual presents the ten best articles published in the field of philosophy during the previous year. This volume, the 23rd of the series, represents outstanding work from the philosophy literature of 2000.

Each member of the distinguished nominating board is asked to name three papers that most impressed them from the literature of the previous year. No limitations are placed on a nominated article's source, subject matter, or mode of treatment. This process delivers a diverse collection of engaging, high caliber work that stands as a valuable sample of contemporary work in philosophy.

This year's volume includes papers by: Katalin Balog, Tyler Burge, Cheshire Calhoun, Sally Haslanger, Thomas Hofweber, Philip Kitcher, Charles G. Morgan, Thomas W. Pogge, James Pryor, and Elliott Sober.

Patrick Grim is a Distinguished Teaching Professor at SUNY at Stony Brook. Kenneth Baynes and Peter Ludlow are professors in philosophy at SUNY at Stony Brook. Gary Mar is an associate professor in philosophy at SUNY at Stony Brook.


  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • 1. Conceivability, Possibility, and the Body-Mind Problem Katalin Balog
  • 2. Ferge on Apriority Tyler Burge
  • 3. The Virtue of Civility Cheshire Calhoun
  • 4. Gender and Race: (What) Are They? (What) Do We Want Them To Be? Sally Haslanger
  • 5. Proof-Theoretic Reduction as a Philosopher's Tool Thomas Hofweber
  • 6. Parfit's Puzzle Philip Kitcher
  • 7. The Nature of Nonmonotonic Reasoning Charles G. Morgan
  • 8. On the Site of Distributive Justice: Reflections on Cohen and Murphy Thomas W. Pogge
  • 9. The Skeptic and the Dogmatist James Pryor
  • 10. Evolution and the Problem of Other Minds Elliott Sober


ISBN (Paperback): 1575863804 (9781575863801)
ISBN (Cloth): 1575863790 (9781575863795)

Subject: Philosophy

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