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European Review of Philosophy, 5:

Emotion and Action

edited by Élisabeth Pacherie

In recent years, there has been an explosion of interest in the study of emotion and cognition. Interdisciplinary work on normal emotions and on 'emotional disorders' has led to a better appreciation of the complex nature of emotion and of the many components involved in emotional processes. As a result, the traditional philosophical prejudice against emotions, seen as essentially irrational and disruptive, has been replaced by a more positive attitude towards them. The philosophical essays in this collection explore various facets of the relationships among emotion, action, rationality, and self-knowledge. Three main sets of issues are addressed: the relationships between emotions and action; the role emotion and action play in the development of self-awareness and in our knowledge of our mental states; and the rationality of emotions and emotional action. This volume is a must-read for anyone interested in the important role emotion plays in rational thought and action.

The European Review of Philosophy is a journal in the analytic tradition edited by a group of philosophers affiliated with various institutions in Europe. The journal covers topics in philosophy of mind, language, and cognition. Monographic issues published so far deal with Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Dynamics, Response-Dependence, and the Nature of Logic.

Élisabeth Pacherie is a CNRS senior researcher in philosophy at Institut Jean Nicod.


  • Akrasia and the Power of Reason
    David Pears
  • Emotions as Motivational States
    Nico H. Frida
  • Action, Emotion, and the Development of Self-awareness
    Johannes Roessler
  • The Role of Emotions in the Explanation of Action
    Élisabeth Pacherie
  • Emotions, Revision, and the Explanation of Emotional Actions
    Pierre Livet
  • From Emotions to Desires
    Stephane Lemaire
  • Sound, Gesture, Spatial Imagination and the Expression of Emotion in Music
    Jerrold Levinson
  • Long-term Emotions and Emotional Experiences in the Explanation of Action
    Christine Tappolet


ISBN (Paperback): 157586388X (9781575863887)
ISBN (Cloth): 1575863871 (9781575863870)

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