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The Philosopher's Annual, Volume 24 cover

The Philosopher's Aannual, Volume 24

edited by Patrick Grim, Peter Ludlow, and Gary Mar

The Philosopher's Annual attempts to present the ten best articles published in philosophy during the previous year. This volume, the 24th of the series, represents outstanding work from the philosophical literature of 2001.

Each member of the distinguished nominating board is asked to name three papers that most impressed them from the literature of the previous year. No limitations are placed on a nominated article's source, subject matter, or mode of treatment. This process delivers a diverse collection of engaging, high caliber work that stands as a valuable sample of contemporary work in philosophy.

This year's volume includes papers by Robert Bernasconi, Hans Halvorson, Christopher Hitchcock, Ignacio Jané, Brian Leiter, Liam Murphy, Thomas Nagel, Joel Pust, Alison Simmons, Jason Stanley, Timothy Williamson, and Crispin Wright.

Patrick Grim is Distinguished Teaching Professor at SUNY Stony Brook. Peter Ludlow is a professor in philosophy and linguistics at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Gary Mar is an associate professor in philosophy at SUNY at Stony Brook.


  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • 1 Who Invented the Concept of Race? Kant's Role in the Enlightentment Construction of Race
    Robert Bernasconi
  • 2 On the Nature of Continuous Physical Quantities in Classical and Quantum Mechanics
    Hans Halvorson
  • 3 The Intransivity of Causation Revealed in Equations and Graphs
    Christopher Hitchcock
  • 4 Reflections on Skolem's Relativity of Set-Theoretical Concepts
    Ignacio Jané
  • 5 Legal Realism and Legal Positivism Reconsidered
    Brian Leiter
  • 6 Taxes, Redistribution, and Public Provision
    Liam Murphy & Thomas Nagel
  • 7 Against Explationist Skepticism Regarding Philosophical Intuitions
    Joel Pust
  • 8 Changing the Cartesian Mind: Leibniz on Sensation, Representation, and Consciousness
    Alison Simmons
  • 9 Knowing How
    Jason Stanley & Timothy Williamson
  • 10 On Being in a Quandry: Relativism Vagueness, Logical Revisionism
    Crispin Wright

July 2003

ISBN (Paperback): 1575864444 (9781575864440)
ISBN (Cloth): 1575864436 (9781575864433)

Subject: Philosophy

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