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Nominals cover


Inside and Out

edited by Miriam Butt and Tracy Holloway King

The proper treatment of nominals and nominalization has been fundamental to syntactic theory since the early 1970s. However, a satisfactory treatment of nominals and nominalization continues to prove elusive. Working within the theoretical framework of Lexical-Functional Grammar (LFG), this book discusses distributional properties of pronominals, the (inherited) predicational power of deverbal nominals, and the vexed question of the syntactic category of derived nominals. Recent developments in LFG also make it possible to draw parallels between discourse clitics and case markers, and to investigate the crosslinguistic distribution and interdependencies in case marking systems in optimality-theoretic terms. Thus this book presents a collection of papers that address “classic” issues with respect to nominals and nominalizations while introducing novel perspectives on their analysis.

Miriam Butt is a lecturer in Computational Linguistics at the Centre for Computational Linguistics at UMIST. Tracy Holloway King is a member of the research staff at the Palo Alto Research Center.


  • Contributors
  • Preface and Acknowledgements

  • 1 Introduction
    Miriam Butt and Tracy Holloway King
  • 2 Parallel Optimization
    Hanjung Lee
  • 3 Discourse Clitics and Constructive Morphology in Hindi
    Devyani Sharma
  • 4 Coordination and Asymmetric Agreement in Welsh
    Louisa Sadler
  • 5 Reduced Pronominals and Argument Prominence
    Anna Siewierska
  • 6 French Psych Verbs and Derived Nouns
    Carmen Kelling
  • 7 Modelling Possessor Constructions in LFG: English and Hungarian
    Erika Chisarik and John Payne
  • 8 On Oblique Arguments and Adjuncts of Hungarian Event Nominals
    Tibor Laczkó
  • 9 Hybrid Constructions in Gĩkũyũ: Agentive Nominalizations and Infinitives-gerund Constructions
    John M. Mugane
  • Language Index
  • Name Index
  • Subject Index


ISBN (Paperback): 1575864746 (9781575864747)
ISBN (Cloth): 1575864738 (9781575864730)
ISBN (Cloth): 1575869020 (9781575869025)

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