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Flexible Semantics for Reinterpretation Phenomena cover

Flexible Semantics for Reinterpretation Phenomena

Markus Egg

Deriving the correct meanings of such colloquial expressions as “I am parked out back” requires a unique interaction of knowledge about the world with a person's natural language tools. In this volume, Markus Egg examines how natural language rules and knowledge of the world work together to produce correct understandings of expressions that cannot be fully understood through literal reading. An in-depth and exciting work on semantics and natural language, this volume will be essential reading for scholars in computational linguistics.

Markus Egg is associate professor at the University of Groningen and a researcher at the Centre for Language and Cognition.


  • Introduction vii
  • 1 Previous Work 1
  • 2 Representing and Deriving Meaning 65
  • 3 Type Coercion 99
  • 4 Landing Site Coercion 141
  • 5 The Duration Principle 189
  • 6 Conclusion 219
  • Glossary 223
  • References 229
  • Index 237


ISBN (Paperback): 1575865025 (9781575865027)
ISBN (Cloth): 1575865017 (9781575865010)
ISBN (Electronic): 1575869268 (9781575869261)

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