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Reference and Quantification cover

Reference and Quantification

The Partee Effect

edited by Gregory N. Carlson and Francis Jeffry Pelletier

This volume presents a series of state-of-the-art papers on current issues in formal semantics and pragmatics by a series of highly distinguished leading scholars whose own thinking and research has been directly influenced by the work of Barbara H. Partee. Focusing on issues that surround the semantics of quantification and reference in natural language, this collection of papers provides both an overview of topics in current research in formal approaches to meaning and a discussion of the origins of that research in Partee's own highly influential writings. Topics include the fundamental issues of compositionality and information structure, the analysis of tense and aspect, the issue of de dicto and de re meanings, and the nature of noun phrase meanings—names, indefinites, and English any. These contributions reflect both the wide range and the fertility of the basic problems addressed in Partee's work.

Gregory N. Carlson is Professor of Linguistics, Philosophy, and Cognitive Science at University of Rochester.

Francis Jeffry Pelletier is Canada Research Chair in Cognitive Science, Professor of Philosophy, and Professor of Linguistics at Simon Fraser University.


  • The Partee Effect Gregory N. Carlson and Francis Jeffry Pelletier
  • 1 The Present Mode Sandro Zucchi
  • 2 Causatives and Mixed Aspectual Type Dorit Abusch
  • 3 Proper Names and Languages Barbara Abbott
  • 4 Why Compositionality? Jeroen Groenendijk and Martin Stokhof
  • 5 Is Word-Formation Compositional? Emmon Bach
  • 6 Indefinites and the Operators the Depend on Angelika Kratzer
  • 7 Definites, Locality, and Intentional Identity Gennaro Chierchia
  • 8 Airport '86 Revisited: Toward a unified indefinite any Laurence R. Horn
  • 9 A Problem for De Re Attitudes Arnim von Stechow
  • 10 Measures and Indefinites Hana Filip
  • 11 The Position of Information Structure Eva Hajičová and Petr Sgall
  • 12 Topic Accents on Quantifiers Mats Rooth
  • Index


ISBN (Paperback): 1575865041 (9781575865041)
ISBN (Cloth): 1575865033 (9781575865034)

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