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Intelligent Linguistic Architectures cover

Intelligent Linguistic Architectures

Variations on Themes by Ronald M. Kaplan

edited by Miriam Butt, Mary Dalrymple, and Tracy Holloway King

This volume collects papers that are at the cutting edge of research in computational as well as theoretical linguistics. As all of the papers represent research areas in which Ronald M. Kaplan has made foundational contributions, the papers in the volume represent a tribute to the vital role he has played in the development of computational linguistic research and linguistic theory, particularly within Lexical-Functional Grammar (LFG).

Part one, “Generation and Translation,” contains contributions on the design of the most optimal architecture for machine translation, parsing and generation, as well as proposals for a machine translation system which successfully combines statistical methods with deep natural language processing.

Part two, “Grammar Engineering and Applications,” focuses on practical natural language processing such as using the LFG grammar development platform XLE for implementing tutoring systems, building large lexicons and grammars, exploring interactions of tagging and parsing, and building large grammars and lexical resources from treebanks.

Part three, “Formal Issues,” examines difficult linguistic data and their treatment in formal linguistic theory. These papers range from contributions on Optimality Theoretical vs. finite-state treatments of Finnish prosody to mixed-category constructions to theories of discourse and coordination. Foundational issues addressed include interactions between morphology and syntax in complex predicates, coordination and agreement, and the resolution of coordination asymmetries via f-structure analysis. Part four, “Semantics and Inference,” examines the fundamental issue of compositionality in syntactic and semantic theory, and presents cutting edge research on theoretical and practical issues in mapping from linguistic structures to knowledge representations.

Miriam Butt is Professor of Theoretical and Computational Linguistics at the Department of Linguistics, Universität Konstanz. Mary Dalrymple is University Lecturer in General Linguistics at the University of Oxford and Fellow of Linacre College. Tracy Holloway King is a senior member of the research staff at the Palo Alto Research Center and adjunct associate professor in Symbolic Systems at Stanford University.


  • Contributors vii
  • Preface xi
  • I Generation and Translation 1

    • 1 Translation, Meaning and Reference 3
      Martin Kay
    • 2 Efficient Generation from Packed Input 19
      John T. Maxwell III
    • 3 Grammatical Machine Translation 35
      Stefan Riezler and John T. Maxwell III
    • 4 On Some Formal Properties of LFG Generation 53
      Jürgen Wedekind

    II Grammar Engineering and Applications 73

    • 5 Using XLE in an Intelligent Tutoring System 75
      Richard R. Burton
    • 6 How Much Can Part-Of-Speech Tagging Help Parsing? 91
      Mary Dalrymple
    • 7 Rapid Treebank-Based Acquisition of Multilingual LFG Resources 111
      Josef van Genabith
    • 8 Hand-crafted Grammar Development - How Far Can It Go? 137
      Christian Rohrer and Martin Forst
    • 9 Using a Large, External Dictionary in an LFG Grammar: The STO Experiments 167
      Beau Sheil and Bjarne Ørsnes

    III Constraints on Syntax and Morphology 199

    • 10 Agentive Nominalizations in Gikuyu and the Theory of Mixed Categories 201
      Joan Bresnan and John Mugane
    • 11 Restriction for Morphological Valency Alternations: The Urdu Causative 235
      Miriam Butt and Tracy Holloway King
    • 12 A (Discourse-)Functional Analysis of Asymmetric Coordination 259
      Anette Frank
    • 13 The Insufficiency of Paper-and-Pencil Linguistics: the Case of Finnish Prosody 287
      Lauri Karttunen
    • 14 Gender Resolution in Rumanian 301
      Louisa Sadler
    • 15 Animacy and Syntactic Structure: Fronted NPs in English 323
      Neal Snider and Annie Zaenen
    • 16 Accounting for Discourse Relations: Constituency and Dependency 339
      Bonnie Webber

    IV Semantics and Inference 361

    • 17 Direct Compositionality and the Architecture of LFG 363
      Ash Asudeh
    • 18 Packed Rewriting for Mapping Text to Semantics and KR 389
      Dick Crouch
  • Index 417


ISBN (Paperback): 1575865327 (9781575865324)
ISBN (Electronic): 1575867796 (9781575867793)

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