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Reasoning, Rationality, and Probability cover

Reasoning, Rationality, and Probability

edited by Maria Carla Galavotti, Roberto Scazzieri, and Patrick Suppes, editors

This book broadens our concept of reasoning and rationality to allow for a more pluralistic and situational view of human thinking as a practical activity. Drawing on contributors across disciplines including philosophy, economics, psychology, statistics, computer science, engineering, and physics, Reasoning, Rationality, and Probability argues that the search for strong theories should leave room for the construction of context-sensitive conceptual tools. Both science and everyday life, the authors argue, are too complex and multifaceted to be forced into ready-made schemata.

Maria Carla Galavotti is professor of Philosophy of Science, University of Bologna. Roberto Scazzieri is professor of Economics, University of Bologna. Patrick Suppes (1922–2014) was the Lucie Stern Professor of Philosophy emeritus at Stanford University.



  • Contributors vii
  • Foreword xi
  • Introduction: Reasoning and Patterns of Rationality 1 Maria Carla Galavotti, Roberto Scazzieri and Patrick Suppes
  • I Practical Reason
    • 1 The Good and the Bad, the True and the False 13 Aimée Drolet and Patrick Suppes
    • 2 Three Types of Decision Theory 37 Nils-Eric Sahlin and Niklas Vareman
    • 3 Welfare, Voting and the Constitution of a Federal Assembly 61 Luc Bovens and Stephan Hartmann
    • 4 Acting Rationally with Irrational Strategies 77 David Atkinson and Jeanne Peijnenburg
    • 5 In- and Ex-probabilities: Keynes and Econophysics 87 Domenico Costantini and Ubaldo Garibaldi
  • II Mental Frames and Cognitive Abilities
    • 6 Reasoning to be Rational 119 John Broome
    • 7 Pragmatic Arguments for Rationality Constraints 139 Wlodek Rabinowicz
    • 8 Rationality and Prediction in the Sciences of the Artificial: Economics as a Design Science 165 Wenceslao J. Gonzalez
    • 9 Context, Congruence and Co-ordination 187 Roberto Scazzieri
  • III Situations and Reasoning
    • 10 Rationality and its Bounds: Re-Framing Social Framing 211 Matthias Klaes
    • 11 Causal Pluralism and Context 233 Maria Carla Galavotti
    • 12 Causal Medical Reasoning and Pre-Emption 253 Raffaella Campaner
    • 13 Abduction in the Context of a Reasoning Process: the SCIFF Framework 271 Marco Alberti, Federico Chesani, Marco Gavanelli, Evelina Lamma and Paola Mello
  • Name Index 289
  • Subject Index 297

ISBN (Paperback): 1575865580 (9781575865584)
ISBN (Cloth): 1575865572 (9781575865577)
ISBN (Electronic): 1575867982 (9781575867984)

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