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Perspecitves from the Disciplines cover

Perspecitves from the Disciplines

Stanford Online High School

edited by Jeffrey Scarborough and Raymond Ravaglia

In this companion volume to Bricks and Mortar, Jeffrey Scarborough and Raymond Ravaglia present a series of essays written by senior instructors and division heads at the Stanford Online High School (SOHS). Written from the perspective of the online-learning practitioner, these essays discuss in detail the challenges of teaching particular disciplines, accomplishing particular pedagogical objectives, and fostering the habits of mind characteristic of students who have received deep education in a given discipline. Perspectives from the Disciplines also examines counseling, student services, and student life viewpoints as it discusses how a truly international community has been fostered at SOHS, and how SOHS's student relationships are in many ways deeper and more intimate than those found in traditional secondary schools.

Jeffrey Scarborough is director of curriculum at the Stanford Online High School (SOHS), was the first instructor at SOHS, and is responsible for the development of the the SOHS core curriculum. Raymond Ravaglia is the director of Ravaglia and Associates and was the principal architect of the Stanford Online High School.


  • Contibutors
  • Acknowledgments
  • Preface
  • 1 Introduction
    Raymond Ravaglia
  • Part I The Academic Disciplines
    • 2 Preface to the Academic Disciplines
    • 3 Philosophy Core
      Karen Kenkel and Jeffrey Scarborough
    • 4 English: Engaged Analysis of Texts, Self, and World
      Margaret Lamont
    • 5 Mathematics
      Gregory Nuckols
    • 6 Sciences: Thinking Like a Scientist
      Kim Failor
    • 7 Ancient and Modern Languages
      Kathryn Balsley
    • 8 Histoy: Teaching History at SOHS
      Michael Sletcher
  • Part II Counseling and Student Life
    • 9 Preface to Counseling and Student Life
    • 10 Counseling: Meeting Student Needs Online
      Tracy Steele
    • 11 Student Life
      Claire Goldsmith
  • Index

December 2016

ISBN (Paperback): 1575867400 (9781575867403)

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