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Tarski's World: Macintosh Version 4.0

Jon Barwise and John Etchemendy

Tarski's World is an innovative and enjoyable way to introduce your students to the language of first-order logic. Using this program students quickly master the meaning of the connectives and quantifiers, and soon become fluent in the symbolic language at the core of modern logic. Tarski's World allows the students to build three-dimensional worlds and to describe them in first-order logic. They evaluate the sentences in the constructed worlds and if their evaluation is incorrect, the program provides them with a game that leads them to understand where they went wrong.

Tarski's World is available in two ways, either alone (called Tarski's World 4.0 or Tarski "Lite") or as part of the logic textbook/software package called The Language of First-order Logic.

Tarski "Lite", the stand-alone package, is intended as a supplement to any standard logic text or for use by anyone who wants to learn the language. The disk and manual contain over a hundred exercises from very basic to highly sophisticated.

Tarski "Lite" is available for Macintosh or Microsoft Windows. A version of the software for computers running NeXTstep is also available. To receive it, purchase a copy of either the Macintosh or Windows version and follow the instructions contained in the book.

Jon Barwise and John Etchemendy have developed several other logic courseware packages. Information on these packages can be be found at http://tw.stanford.edu/


ISBN (Paperback): 1881526275

This package has been superseded by Tarski's World: Revised and Expanded.

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