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Theoretical Issues in Korean Linguistics

edited by Young-Key Kim-Renaud

This volume contains a selection of papers presented at the Eighth International Conference on Korean Linguistics. Areas represented include phonology and syntax, semantics historical linguistics, discourse/pragmatics, first language acquisition. The contributors include Sang-Cheol Ahn, Young-mee Yu Cho, Sharon Inkelas, Eunjoo Han, Gregory K. Iverson, Hyang-Sook Sohn, Sun-Ah Jun, Hyunsoon Kim, Youngsung Lee, Mira Oh, Jeong-Woon Park, Sung-Ho Ahn, Jung-Tag Lee, Sung-Yun Bak, Dong-In Cho, Jai-Hyoung Cho, Hyon Sook Choe, Yookyung Kim, Chungmin Lee, Myung-Kwan Park, Barbara Unterbeck, Jaee-Hak Yoon, Ik-Sang Eom, Pung-hyun Nam, John Whitman, Sook Whan Cho, Alan Hyun-Oak Kim, Hyon-Sook Shin, Haeyeon Kim, and Hyo Sang Lee.

Young-Key Kim-Renaud is Associate Professor of Korean Language and Culture at The George Washington University.


  • Introduction
    Young-Key Kim-Renaud
  • Phonology and Morphology

  • On Peripherality: A Molecular Approach
    Sang-Cheol Ahn
  • Verbal Compounds in Korean
    Young-mee Yu Cho
  • Post-Obstruent Tensification in Korean and Geminate Inalterability
    Young-mee Yu Cho and Sharon Inkelas
  • A Prosodic Analysis of Korean Compounding
    Eunjoo Han
  • Liquid Representation in Korean
    Gregory K. Iverson and Hyang-Sook Sohn
  • The Status of the Lenis Stop Voicing Rule in Korean
    Sun-Ah Jun
  • The Nature of Nonmonotonic Reasoning
    Charles G. Morgan
  • On the Obligatory Contour Principle Related
    Hyunsoon Kim
  • Onset Analysis of Korean on Glides
    Youngsung Lee
  • A Reanalysis of Consonant Cluster Simplification and s-Neutralization
    Mira Oh
  • Variation of Vowel Length in Korean
    Jeong-Woon Park
  • Syntax and Semantics

  • The Thematic Nature of Agentive Eykey in Korean
    Sung-Ho Ahn and Jung-Tag Lee
  • The Semantics of Conditionals
    Sung-Yun Bak
  • Functional Projections and Verb Movement
    Dong-In Cho
  • On Scrambling: Reconstruction, Crossover, and Anaphor Binding
    Jai-Hyoung Cho
  • Syntactic WH-Movement in Korean and Licensing
    Hyon-Sook Choe
  • A Non-Spurious Account of ‘Spurious’ Korean Plurals
    Yookyung Kim
  • Definite/Specific and Case Marking in Korean
    Chungmin Lee
  • An Event-Structure Analysis of Stative/Non-stative Distinction in Periphrastic Causative and Mit-Type Verb Constructions in Korean
    Myung-Kwan Park
  • Korean Classifiers
    Barbara Unterbeck
  • Pseudo-Double Negation
    Jae-Hak Yoon
  • Historical Linguistics

  • Aspiration and Voicing in Old Sini-Korean Obstruents
    Ik-Sang Eom
  • On the Relation Between Hyangchal and Kwukeyel
    Pung-hyun Nam
  • The Accentuation of Nominal Stems in Proto-Korean
    John Whitman
  • Discourese, Pragmatics, and Acquisition

  • The Grammar of Null Arguments in Early Child Korean
    Sook Whan Cho
  • Information Flow and Relative-Clause Constructions in Korean Discourse
    Alan Hyun-Oak Kim and Hyon-Sook Shin
  • ‘Speech-Act’ Adverbial Clauses in Korean
    Haeyeon Kim
  • Discourse-pragmatic Functions of Sentence-type Suffixes in Informal Discourse in Korean
    Hyo Sang Lee
  • Contributors
  • Index


ISBN (Paperback): 1881526518 (9781881526513)

Subject: Linguistics; Korean Language

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