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Perspectives in Phonology cover

Perspectives in Phonology

edited by Jennifer Cole and Charles Kisseberth

The nine papers in this volume cover a wide range of topics in phonological theory and its interfaces with morphology and syntax and constitute an important contribution to current debates in several subareas of phonology, elucidating a number of important issues in phonological theory.

The topics covered in the volume include both further developments of recently proposed frameworks and newly raised or previously unresolved issues with specific subareas—syllable structure, rule application and cyclycity, prosodic morphology, metrical structure, segment structure, phonology-syntax interface.

The contributors—John Goldsmith, Morris Halle, Bruce Hayes, Larry M. Hyman, Michale Kenstowicz, Charles W. Kissberth, David Odden, Donca Steriade, Moira Yip—have been instrumental in shaping phonological theory.

Jennifer Cole and Chales Kissberth are professors of linguistics at the University og Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


  • A Dynamic Computational Theory of Accent Systems John Goldsmith
  • The Russian Declension: An Illustation of the Theory of Distributed Morphology Morris Halle
  • Weight of CVC can be Determined by Context Bruce Hayes
  • Cyclic Phonology and Morphology in Cibemba Larry M. Hyman
  • On Metrical Constituents: Unbalenced Trochees and Degenerate Feet Michael Kenstowicz
  • On Domains Charles W. Kisseberth
  • Syntactic and Semantic COnditions in Kikongo Phrasal Phonology David Odden
  • Complex Onsets as Single Segments: The Mazateco Pattern Donca Steriade
  • Isolated Uses of Prosodic Categories Moira Yip


ISBN (Paperback): 1881526542 (9781881526544)
ISBN (Cloth): 1881526550 (9781881526551)
ISBN (Electronic): 1575867842 (9781575867847)

Subject: Linguistics; Grammar--Phonology

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