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Linguistics and Computation cover

Linguistics and Computation

edited by Jennifer Cole, Georgia M. Green, and Jerry L. Morgan

This volume represents an exploration of the notion that the principles of grammatical well-formedness and the principles of language processing are interdependent. They deal with the nature of syntactic structure and grammars for syntax, with strategies for parsing and gneration, and with aspects of phonological structure and grammars for phonology. Some of the papers in this collection overlap two or more areas and demonstrate the importance of integrating concepts from the theories of grammar and computation.

These papers provide a glimpse of the range of issues currently adressed by linguistic research which gives significant or primary consideration to matters of computation. We hope that it will serve to inspire furth integration with computational work on morphology and semantics, and promote a continuing dialogue between linguists working in diverse areas.

Jennifer Cole, Georgia Green, and Jerry Morgan are faculty members in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Illinois, where they are involved in research in computational linguistics and language processing as members of the Laboratory for Computational Linguistics and the Cognitive Science group at the Beckman Institute. They collaborate in research on the design and implementation of interactive natural language systems for parsing and generating natural language in a variety of applications, includiding automated automobile naviation and database.


  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Part I Syntax and Computation
  • Formal devices for lingusitic generalizations: West Germanic word order in LFG Annie Zaenen and Ronald M. Kaplan
  • Stratified feature structures for multistratal realtional analyses David E. Johnson and Lawrence S. Moss
  • Feature-based grammars as constraint grammars Alan M. Frisch
  • Part II Automated Parsing and Generation
  • A quarter century of computation with transformational grammar Robert C. Berwick and Sandiway Fong
  • Chunks and dependencies: Bringing processing evidence to bear on syntax Steven Abney
  • Some open problems in head-driven generation Dale Gerdemann and Erhard Hinrichs
  • Construction of LR parsing tables for grammars using feature-based syntactic categories Tsuneko Nakazawa
  • Part III Phonology and Computation
  • Phonology and computational linguistics: a personal overview John Coleman
  • Eliminating cyclicity as a source of complexity in phonology Jennifer S. Cole
  • Pitch accent prediction from text analysis Julia Hirschberg and Richard Sproat


ISBN (Paperback): 188152681X (9781881526810)
ISBN (Cloth): 1881526828 (9781881526827)
ISBN (Electronic): 1575867834 (9781575867830)

Subject: Linguistics; Computational Linguistics

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