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Diversity in Language cover

Diversity in Language

Perspectives & Implications

Edited by Yoshiko Matsumoto, David Oshima, Orrin Robinson, and Peter Sells

What does linguistic diversity tell us about the human mind? In the comprehensive volume Diversity in Language, a renowned team of contributors assess the intricacies of linguistic variation. From historical perspectives on Indonesian to apparent time change in Smith Island verbs, from unplanned spoken Russian to argument structure in the Pacific Northwest, these essays render the full spectrum of linguistic possibility.

Yoshiko Matsumoto is associate professor of Japanese language and linguistics at Stanford University. David Oshima is visiting assistant professor in the department of languages and literature at Arizona State University. Orrin Robinson is profesor of German studies and director of the Introduction to the Humanities Program at Stanford University. Peter Sells is professor of linguistics and Asian languages at Stanford University.


  • Contributors vii
  • Preface ix
  • 1 Introduction 1
    Yoshiko Matsumoto, Orrin W. Robinson & Peter Sells
  • 2 Integrating Approaches to Diversity: Argument Structure on the NW Coast 9
    Marianne Mithun
  • 3 What Linguistic Diversity Tells about the Human Mind: Universal Semantics from the Bottom up 37
    Toshio Ohori
  • 4 Variation in Voice in Indonesian/Malay: Historical and Synchronic Perspectives 71
    Mark Donohue
  • 5 Being on the Receiving End: A Tour into Linguistic Variation 131
    Prashant Pardeshi, Kaoru Horie & Qing-Mei Li
  • 6 Discursive Sources of Linguistic Diversity: Stancetaking and Vernacular Norm-formation 167
    Barbara Johnstone
  • 7 Apparent-Time Change in the Smith Island Auxiliary Verb System 197
    Jennifer Mittelstaedt
  • 8 Where L1 Semantic Transfer Occurs: The Significance of Cross-linguistic Variation in Lexical Aspect in the L2 Acquisition of Aspect 219
    Yumiko Nishi & Yasuhiro Shirai
  • 9 The Consequences of Variation in the Acquisition of Relative Clauses: An Analysis of Longitudinal Production Data from Five Japanese Children 243
    Hiromi Ozeki & Yasuhiro Shirai
  • 10 Workable Models of Standard Performance in English and Spanish 271
    Jennifer Balogh & Jared Bernstein
  • Language Index 293
  • General Index 295

May 2007

ISBN (Paperback): 9781575865362
ISBN (Electronic): 9781575868141

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