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Arabic Computational Linguistics cover

Arabic Computational Linguistics

Ali Farghaly

Arabic is an exciting—yet challenging—language for scholars because many of its linguistic properties have not been fully described. Arabic Computational Linguistics documents the recent work of researchers in both academia and industry who have taken up the challenge of solving the real-life problems posed by an understudied language.

This comprehensive volume explores new Arabic machine translation systems, innovations in speech recognition and mention detection, tree banks, and linguistic corpora. Arabic Computational Linguistics will be an indispensable reference for language researchers and practitioners alike.

Ali Farghaly is a senior member of technical staff at Oracle USA, where he is responsible for maintaining Oracle's knowledge base and linguistic engine. He designed and developed the SYSTRAN Arabic-to-English machine translation.


  • Contributors vii
  • Acknowledgement xi
  • I Background

    • 1 Introduction
      Ali Farghaly 3
    • 2 The Arabic Language, Arabic Linguistics and Arabic Computational Linguistics
      Ali Farghaly 43

    II Arabic Lexical Resources

    • 3 The Buckwalter Arabic Morphological Analyzer
      Timothy A. Buckwalter 85
    • 4 The Penn Arabic Treebank
      Mohamed Maamouri and Ann Bies 103
    • 5 The Other Arabic Treebank: Prague Dependencies and Functions
      Otakar Smrž and Jan Hajič 137

    III Arabic Pattern Recognition

    • 6 Finite State Based Arabic Word Segmentation
      Jeffrey Sorensen and Imed Zitouni 171
    • 7 A Statistical Model for Arabic Mention Detection and Chaining
      Imed Zitouni, Xiaoqiang Luo, and Radu Florian 199
    • 8 Automatic Speech Recognition Systems for Conversational Arabic
      Katrin Kirchhoff and Dimitra Vergyri 237

    IV Arabic Machine Translation

    • 9 The Language Weaver Arabic to English Statistical Machine Translation System
      Alexander Fraser and William Wong 257
    • 10 Complementation Structures in Arabic for Rule-Based Machine Translation
      Selçuk Köprü and Jude Mil 289
    • 11 The AppTek Hybrid Machine Translation System
      Hassan Sawaf 311
    • Index 335

July 2010

ISBN (Paperback): 9781575865447
ISBN (Cloth): 9781575865430

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