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Generalized Galois Logics cover

Generalized Galois Logics

Relational Semantics of Nonclassical Logical Calculi

Katalin Bimbó and J. Michael Dunn

Nonclassical logics play an ever-increasing role in various disciplines from mathematics, informatics and computer science to artificial intelligence, cognitive science, linguistics and philosophy.

The authors develop a uniform framework of relational semantics to mediate the connection between logical calculi and their semantics through algebra, resulting in a lucid and conceptually clear presentation. Among the familiar logics covered are normal modal logics such as K and S5 as well as substructural logics such as relevance logics, linear logic and Lambek calculi. Less-familiar and new logical systems are treated with equal deftness.

Suitable for use as a graduate textbook in nonclassical logic, this book will also please experts with gems such as the chapter on topological duality theory. Even novices can find their way eased into the field by an appendix that provides a concise introduction into the relevant parts of universal algebra.

Praise for Generalized Galois Logics

“The book offers a very rich conceptual analysis and the set-up of appropriate formalisms for development of relational semantics for non-classical logics. ...[It] contributes to the methodology of logic by establishing a significant link among algebraic and relational semantics of a large class of logics. ”

Ewa Orlowska
National Institute of Telecommunication

Katalin Bimbó is Research Associate at Indiana University. J. Michael Dunn is Oscar R. Ewing Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Professor Emeritus of Computer Science, of Cognitive Science and of Informatics at Indiana University.

Table of Contents

October 1, 2008

ISBN (Paperback): 9781575865744
ISBN (Cloth): 9781575865737
ISBN (Electronic): 9781575868783

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